WWE NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with GuideLive.com and praised the crowds at the NXT Takeover events. He was asked what it's like to perform in the arenas on those nights.

"I think at this point it's safe to say that the Takeover crowds are some of, if not the best crowds in all of pro wrestling," Cole said. "I think there's two big factors: One, I think that the relationship that the wrestlers have with the fans, and the fans have with the wrestlers is something that you can't really put a price on. A lot of these fans -- we were just talking about me wrestling Johnny and knowing those guys for almost 10 years -- a lot of these fans have followed all of our careers for our entire careers. So, when they see us get to this point, they're just as excited for us as we are for ourselves. They feel like they've gone along on the journey with us.

"On top of that, the fans go into NXT: Takeovers and they want the shows to be awesome. They know based on past experience that they're going to get 100% effort and just a really exciting, innovative, hard-hitting pro wrestling show. So, they come in excited. Even before a lot of the matches even get started, they're amped up, they're fired up, and it creates this really cool atmosphere not just for them, but for us."

The leader of The Undisputed Era was also asked about current RAW and SmackDown Superstars he would like to have a match with. Cole said he feels like he'd have excellent matches with a lot of main roster Superstars, but he specifically named AJ Styles and WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

"Truth be told, I feel like I'd have an excellent match with a lot of guys on Raw and SmackDown," Cole said. "The NXT roster is stacked. There's so many guys on Raw and SmackDown that I feel like I would have great chemistry with. There's guys that I've wrestled before -- for example, I've wrestled an A.J. Styles before. That was only a couple of times, but I would love the chance to wrestle him again whether that be a Raw or SmackDown environment or a Takeover environment. There's guys that I've never wrestled before who I'd love to the chance to get in the ring with like a Seth Rollins. Again, same thing as A.J., I feel like we could be put in any environment, and I feel like it would be a really exciting match.

"The cool thing about right now is there are so many dream matches for people that haven't happened yet, or are currently happening right now. I think just as time unfolds, and everything keeps moving forward there are going to be more and more cool and exciting matches for everybody -- not just for me -- but for the guys all across our roster, and that goes for NXT, Raw, and for SmackDown."

We noted earlier how Cole, during another recent media interview, talked about how proud he is of his girlfriend, AEW star Dr. Britt Baker. Cole talked more about their relationship in this interview, and how they deal with working for different promotions. Cole praised Baker as the hardest worker he knows.

"The thing is me and Britt, when we started dating actually, we did long distance," Cole said. "So, for the longest time me and Britt were accustomed to kind of being away from each other, but still keeping in contact, supporting one another, and all that stuff. Obviously, the busier the both of us get, the more time away from each other that we're going to have. But she's the best, man. She works harder than anybody that I know. It's amazing how far she's come along. I'm incredibly proud of her and her accomplishments. But she feels the exact same way about me. For many people that know, she will come and watch as many TakeOvers as she can, and is as supportive as she possibly can be. I'm very lucky to have her in my life, and have someone as supportive as she is."