All Elite Wrestling has released a new "Throne Breaker" t-shirt for Cody Rhodes, as seen below.

Cody's latest t-shirt features the moment from his AEW Double Or Nothing entrance where he took a sledgehammer, Triple H's signature weapon, and used it to smash up what was supposed to be Triple H's throne.

The angle with Cody at Double Or Nothing, done right before his bloody win over brother Dustin Rhodes, was seen by many as a shot at WWE and Triple H.

The t-shirt is currently going for $24.99 on the Pro Wrestling Tees website.

Cody spoke about the throne shot during the premiere episode of AEW's "Road To Fyter" series to promote the upcoming Fyter Fest event. He said a lot of people may have misinterpreted the throne element.

"A lot of people may have misinterpreted the throne element at Double Or Nothing, but if it meant anything, and I'm sure it means a lot to different people, but if it meant anything, it meant that I was not going to be an executive first, I was going to be a wrestler first, and this is a part of it," Rhodes said.

Cody also discussed the throne while speaking to the media after Double Or Nothing ended last month.

"I had a literal dream about this type of entrance," Rhodes said. "I loved when Triple H came out at WrestleMania 30, and he was kind of like of Shao Khan, and it was really cool. The throne kind of really symbolized his reign. I'm going to play ball. I know we don't say 'competition,' but it pretty much stands for itself."

He continued, "I also want people to know this executive vice president role, which I love and am excited about, I want to be a wrestler first. We were able to do that tonight. [AEW owner] Tony Khan sat and timed the show. That takes years how to learn. Gerald Brisco was like the only guy who would do it for a long time. Tony did it on the first try. So, they don't always need us in those executive roles. We were able to go out there and just be wrestlers."

Rhodes added, "That more than anything, not so much a shot at Triple H. More of a shot at to dive into that role. I want to be a wrestler first and foremost. I'm not done. I know people think Kenny is the best. Other people think Chris [Jericho] is the best or Jon Moxley is the best. I'm always going to be wondering, 'What can I do? What's the next step?'"

Below is video from the throne angle at Double Or Nothing, and the tweet on Cody's new shirt: