Last month, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Beth Phoenix. During that conversation Lynch ended up confirming her relationship with WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

Earlier this week, Phoenix made a parenthood joke on Twitter and Lynch responded, “We really need to get one of you two out of that retirement village you’re living in.”

Edge wondered if Lynch and her “boy toy,” were that bored with WWE creative, “Aw Becks this whole Twitter thing with me didn’t work out well for ya last time. Are you and the boy toy that bored with WWE creative? I mean granted we would make it WAY more exciting, but if you’re that good, ya shouldn’t need us.”

Lynch responded, “Can’t your wife talk for herself? Actually, I listened to NXT commentary, clearly not,” causing Phoenix to counter with, “Except…I’ll keep improving at commentary…while you will never be able to lace my boots.”

The RAW Women’s Champion then threw down a challenge, “Put your kids to bed, kiss your frail husband goodbye, lace your own damn boots and come find me.”

Edge jumped back in using a pun against Lynch, calling her a “ratings jugger-not.” Lynch then fired back at Edge with a reference to his relationship with Lita around 2005-2006.

“Got a minute here?let see Edgie’s reply?oh, ‘ThE RatINGs BrO’ retort to one of the few who gains audience on TV? Weird, must be talking about Beth. Wonder is he getting his women mixed up as he’s been known to do when there’s a redheaded wrestler involved.”

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