Chris Jericho Calls Out MJF For Stealing His Gimmick, MJF Responds

Chris Jericho reminded MJF to not steal his gimmick again. It all started out with a tweet MJF wrote. His tweet was, "15 minutes. I did it. #Betterthanyou."

As it was reported earlier, Jericho did a similar promo after the news about the AEW All Out tickets selling out with taking the credit and wanting fans to thank him.

Well, Jericho retweeted MJF and wrote, "Sorry kid. You already stole the scarf gimmick, let's not go 2 for 2."

Of course, MJF was quick to respond. He called Jericho dad and he told Jericho to focus on his match with Seabiscuit.

At All Out Chris Jericho will be going against Adam Page, to see who will be the AEW World Champion.

You can read their exchange below: