Chris Jericho chimed in on the recent Twitter exchanges between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay.

As we previously reported, Rollins boasted that WWE had the “best pro wrestling on the planet”, which led to responses from Jericho, Roman Reigns, Tama Tonga and others. You can read our coverage about those exchanges at this link. Ospreay was one of the stars responding to Rollins’ tweet, writing, “I’m here.”

Rollins replied, “Ahhhh I’m sorry little guy. We already have a better version of you here and he just won his first US Title tonight (Congrats @KingRicochet). Keep working hard though buddy!”

Jericho chimed in on the feud after Monday’s RAW, reminding Rollins that Ospreay is actually bigger than he is and noting that Ospreay is 6’2. Jericho wrote to Rollins, “Umm…. He’s actually taller and bigger than you. Just sayin. #devilsadvocate”

Jericho also took a shot at Rollins’ statement about WWE having the best pro wrestling, as seen below. A fan sent a screen grab of the “Tug Of War” between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman segment from last night’s RAW. Jericho sarcastically replied, “#BestWrestlingOnThePlanet”

Jericho is set to face “Hangman” Adam Page to crown the first-ever AEW World Champion at AEW All Out on Saturday, August 31st at the Sears Center outside of Chicago, IL.