The healthcare debate is all over the news and pro wrestling is no different. With AEW already promising a lighter schedule and more creative freedom, many feel that this will change how WWE deals with talent. Chris Jericho spoke with Jesse "The Body" Ventura on RT America and discussed healthcare in wrestling.

"It's harder to get healthcare just by proxy for what we do for a living," said Jericho. "Once again AEW has healthcare and dental (for employees). Once again you are talking about a big sports team mentality (that the Khan family has) rather than every man for himself way of doing things for many years. It is one of the things that appealed to me because I worked for the WWE for 18 years. It's hard to leave the place you been for so long, there are sentimental actors and loyalty factors"

Jericho had spoken with WWE before signing with AEW. For Jericho, the AEW deal was head and shoulders above what WWE was offering.

"From a business standpoint there was no choice, AEW was better across the board," Jericho explained. "From the guarantee that I was given, the employee status, the healthcare, there is a lot more of that going on. I think that is going to continue to grow, which will force WWE to follow suit or everybody will want to leave WWE and come to AEW, which is already starting to happen."

For any fan that has read any of the four books written by Jericho, knows that he was outspoken on decisions he did not agree with at various points in his career. He concluded with the best way to handle those situations.

"The wrestling business at times can be very immoral," Jericho stated. "You have to stand up for what you believe in. If you are uncomfortable with doing something, have some moral dilemma, there is always a way to express yourself without being abrasive, giving ultimatums, people do not like ultimatums, that is not the way you do it. The bottom line is you have to pick what mountain you die on. If is something you really believe in, then you got to stick to your guns and damn the torpedoes. If it's something you are okay with, sometimes you have to take what you are given and make it work."

You can watch the full interview above (Chris Jericho segment starts at the 14:55 mark). If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit RT America with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.