Even days after a successful debut, AEW is still the talk of the pro wrestling world. The major topic is the shocking debut of Jon Moxley (FKA Dean Ambrose). Moxley followed up the debut with being a guest for a tell-all episode of Talk is Jericho.

Chris Jericho sat down with Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray on Busted Open Radio to discuss the podcast that has broken records for Talk is Jericho and the debut.

"He (Dean) said he has been going over this podcast in his head for a month. He was ready to go. This was no 'Hey you want to do a podcast?' This was 'I want to do Talk Is Jericho, I got a lot of stuff I want to say'," Jericho recalled. "So, I went to his house a couple of days before Double or Nothing and it was you press record and an hour and a half later you go thank you. Nothing really surprises me. I have been there and been through that stuff, the micro-managing, a lot of miscasting. I would find it very eye opening if you are not in the business."

Jericho found many similarities between Moxley's departure and his in 2017. However, he was quick to note that Moxley was in a worse spot.

"When I left in May 2017, it was very similar as to why Moxley left," said Jericho. "It is a mental strain. To me, I couldn't really do it anymore. But, he had it on a way crazier level than I did."

The debut that has the wrestling world buzzing is something that was not lost on Jericho. Being a part of it and having many memorable moments in the ring, he feels this ranks right up there at the top.

"It's right up there. It's up there with Dean Malenko removing the mask back in WCW in 1998. Dolph Ziggler asking about the number 2 entrant in the Royal Rumble, it was me and no one knew. You just know it was going to be great," Jericho stated. "You just know this going to blow the roof off the place. We had this amazing show with an ending that no one expected. I hate when some blabbermouth ruins the surprise about someone being backstage. No one knew about it and that is when pro wrestling works. That was a moment of time that worked, it had an organic build, he comes from the crowd, there is a slow build and the arena is going crazy. It's one of those moments where you love being a part of the business."

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