Colby Corino had a front-row seat to ECW as his father, Steve, was a former world champion with the promotion. Now the younger Corino is embarking on his pro wrestling career and is making a name for himself on the indie scene.

Corino also competes for GCW which many say is similar to ECW in the 1990s. Corino talked more about GCW when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“It’s just like “A New Age ECW” and has the same vibe that ECW had back in the day. I love being a part of it. The shows are so much fun,” said Corino who then made another comparison. “I’m their Steve Corino. It makes me feel good that I have a part there.”

There are more options for wrestlers than ever before including All Elite Wrestling. Corino was asked about AEW and who he would like to face on their roster.

“I love what they are doing. I watched Double or Nothing and it was great,” stated Corino. “I’m looking forward to seeing how the TV show works out…

“I could only dream about stepping in the ring with Mox.”

Corino started wrestling when he was just a kid and made his ROH debut as an 18-year-old in 2014. He talked about how that all came about.

“I would just hang around ROH and when my dad returned back in 2009, I would go to any show I could within driving distance,” said Corino. “Eventually I started helping set up the ring and eventually I started getting paid to set up the ring. Then I started appearing on TV.”

Corino said he was asked to be a part of his dad’s feud with BJ Whitmer. Bringing in legitimate family members to be a part of an angle in wrestling is a tried and true formula and that intrigued Corino.

“I love storytelling in pro wrestling. While what we did was traditional, it’s not something that’s being done a lot these days,” said Corino.

Corino wrestled for ROH for two years before heading to Japan. He talked about what he learned and who he learned from while working there.

“I learned a lot working there. I was doing a lot of the seminars and tryout camps so I got to work closely with Hunter [Delirious] and Kevin Kelly and Christopher Daniels. I got so much out from working with them,” Corino said before being asked about Delirious specifically.

“He’s got a real good mind for pro wrestling. I didn’t get to talk to him that much as my orders would come indirectly. But he’s got a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t deserve the rep he has right now.”

ROH is in a bit of a transition period following the departures of Cody, The Young Bucks and others. Corino was asked about his opinion on the current ROH product.

“I think they’re in a good re-building period. After The ELITE left I felt it kind of left a void in their product. But they’re trying hard to rebuild with a lot of indie guys,” Corino said before mentioning many of the new talents they have signed.

Corino is part of the Ugly Ducklings stable who would presumably be a good fit in the current ROH. Corino was asked if they’ve had any discussions about linking up.

“We’ve had tons of conversations with it. But unfortunately, it’s not really up to us,” Corino said before teasing that they could appear in ROH. “There’s a good chance you might see us soon.”

Colby Corino can be found on Twitter @ColbyCorino

Corino’s full interview with Wrestling Inc was included as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Corino discusses overcoming his demons thanks to having a child, his desire to wrestle for WWE, advice his father Steve Corino is giving him, GCW being a “New Age ECW”, his ROH run, the surprising name who agented his recent 205 Live match and more.

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