From Goldust to Seven to The American Nightmare, Dustin Rhodes has had many different gimmicks and looks over the years. He debuted a new look against his brother Cody at Double or Nothing, and Dustin credits Cody with help inspiring his new costume.

Dustin talked more about his look at Double or Nothing when he joined Talk is Jericho.

“Me and Cody were talking about it and we were like, what do we do? He didn’t want just Dustin. He had his vision of what he wanted and he kind of left it in the ballpark of me and my faith to create something for my face,” said Dustin. “I had asked him what he was looking for? Did he want me in trunks? Did he want me in jeans? Did he want me in my old Dustin Rhodes gear? He said no, he didn’t want the cowboy carney ass bullsh*t he would say. He said that he really wanted me to look the very best that I can.”

Dustin said his look was a combination of previous costumes and new designs. He also said he worked his tail off to get in the best shape he could in order to go sleeveless, but he also said “Cody is the only Rhodes with abs.”

“He said that I was the artist on the paint and all that stuff to come up with something. I did it; I showed him some pictures. He loved it and Tony Khan loved it and that was it.

“I looked at the Darth Maul character [from Star Wars] as well. One of the paint jobs that I did for Goldust was kind of Darth Maul-ish but if I did the Darth Maul like Darth Maul, I just reversed the colors. I reversed the color so that it wouldn’t be a complete rip-off of Darth Maul. I added just a little bit here and there and I think it came off looking really good.”

Dustin donned a crimson mask during the match and left himself, Cody and the ring covered in blood. He was a bit nervous about there being so much blood at first, but in the end all of the blood helped tell the story between he and his brother.

“I know a lot of people were worried. I was worried. You do it and you saw it streaming out and it’s like, oh no, I went a little bit too deep and then 10 minutes go by and you’re like now I’m starting to worry a little bit,” admitted Dustin. “The ring is all red. I can’t see; it’s all in my eyes. I am trying to wipe it out but it just keeps shooting out to my heartbeat. It gets scary, but then after 15 minutes I’m like, I’m going to be okay. It’s going to be fine. You saw the fans’ faces in the front row and in the arena they are just horrified but into it. They can’t take their eyes off of it and it was an incredible man. I was so happy. I was so glad to be a part of that and I hope I did Cody proud.

“To me, I have always been told that red on the head is green in the pocket. I believe that to be true to an extent when it is used sparingly here and there. It was just right in every way that night. It might have been a little bit excessive but it added to the story. It added to the emotions and it just felt incredible and I am still on a huge high from this match. Twitter has never blown up for me like that and all of the social media is going crazy and to tell me that I stole the show from the great Chris Jericho that means a lot to me.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.