AEW promised that they would be different than WWE. The company promised to focus more on wrestling, be more sport orientated and have matches that tell stories. The company held their debut event, Double or Nothing, last week, which featured a bloodbath in the Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes match.

Many fans were shocked at how bloody the match was, especially since WWE has been against the use of blood in matches for so long. However, on his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said that he feels that people are ready for this.

"If there is blood, people are going to tune in'" said Booker. "For Pay-Per-view you can step outside the box, be a bit edgier. That is why it is called Pay-Per-View because you are going to see more than you do on television, It's bigger. Something like that is needed for the business."

Pro wrestling has been mired in a 'PG era' state, however AEW is seeking an older audience. Booker T noted that kids are going to watch, but that blood should still be used.

"Kids are going to see it," Booker stated. "They said stuff like that would happen more on Pay-Per-View. If you are going to do that there is a place for it. If there is blood and you curse, it makes it a little bit more real."

Booker was a fan of the match between Cody and Dustin. Dustin was set to retire following the match, but Cody asked him to be his partner at AEW Fight for the Fallen against the Young Bucks' This match was a throwback, according to Booker.

"It was a bloodbath, they did everything. It was like a 1980's match, "Booker stated. "Goldie at 50 years old doesn't look like he missed a beat. He stepped away from this game and time off is your worst enemy, Goldie has never taken time off. How many times have you seen two brothers just go out there and fight, say were going to do it and just do it now? They did an angle where they had the fight and right after say we are going to tag in the next one. For those guys to be able to go out there and bring that style of wrestling back was great."

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