Many expected "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes to hang up his boots, win, lose or draw, following his match at AEW Double or Nothing. Cody was able to defeat his older brother by pinfall, but Dustin did not make it easy for Cody, despite being busted open early in the match.

Following the event, Dustin was asked if he was going to ceremoniously leave his boots in the ring, signifying his retirement from pro wrestling.

"I was, and he snuck in behind me," Dustin said. "I was like, 'Geez, let me get my boots off before you do anything. My God, I want to leave this boot in the ring and say goodbye, proper.' I was tired, and he came in and I didn't know what to expect, or what he was going to do."

What Cody did was ask Dustin to be his tag team partner at AEW Fight for The Fallen against The Young Bucks. The two brothers embraced, signifying their unity for the battle on July 13.

Going into the match a lot was made of this match not being a sibling rivalry, but being generation versus generation. Cody took shots at Dustin's participation in the heralded attitude era and the dynamic of their relationship. While Dustin spoke on Cody's attitude and even wore a shirt saying, 'Duty's Favorite' at the AEW Double or Nothing Press Conference. Even though Cody was victorious, Dustin left with some strong parting words.

"He killed the Attitude Era, but I'm still standing here today," Dustin said.