Dustin Rhodes Rips Cody For Being Egotistical, Talks Not Liking Their WWE Fastlane Tag Match

Dustin Rhodes aka Goldust went from being an afterthought who was barely used in WWE to being in a feud with the biggest name in AEW. The Golden One will take on his brother Cody at AEW's debut event, Double or Nothing tonight.


Cody has stated that this is more than just a brother vs. brother feud, as it's a battle of two separate generations. Dustin was asked to weign in on that when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Cody's gonna say what he wants to say as he's an egotistical son of a b—h. That's what he does. There's a 16 year age difference in us and we were raised very different with different mothers. Personally, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth," said Rhodes.

"But I was there for him throughout his childhood and I remember putting him on my shoulder when he was a baby and burping him. I was his protector and it's cool that Cody's doing what he's doing. But you gotta realize that I have a long track record and he hates everything about the Attitude Era. He hates everything about my generation and I don't understand that.


"I am not a freaking dying horse just out in the pasture waiting to be put down. The things he said in his interview really struck me."

Rhodes said the personal shots that Cody took really hurt him and he had to talk to his wife to process it all.

"Does he truly not love his brother and have some hidden resentment against me," asked Rhodes. "Or is he trying to work people up into a frenzy? I don't know but we're gonna find out Saturday. I just hope that at the end of this, whatever happens, that we hug and I can tell him, 'I love you. You're my brother.'"

Rhodes was asked as to what their father would think of their upcoming fight and he recalled this proposed fight being passed over in WWE so many times.

"If you take back the years that I pushed for this match on the big stage of the other company [WWE] and we were denied because we were told it wasn't good enough or important enough to be on the big show. That stuck with me and that pissed me off," revealed Rhodes. "They were wrong and I don't care what anybody thinks or says at this point. This is my moment. This is Cody's moment. I know a lot of people are getting the PPV just for this as it should have happened years ago."

Rhodes then talked about all of the past brother/brother feuds in WWE that have worked such as Bret and Owen or The Hardys. He said this one will work as well, outside of WWE, and that their Dad would just be happy to see his sons working together.


"We can make anything work; we're Rhodes. My dad never said anything and never said he was against anything," Rhodes said of the possibility of him and Cody facing each other. "You saw the look in his eyes that said he wasn't sure.

"We were given the match at Fastlane [2015] and it was a sh*t match. I wasn't happy with it. Cody wasn't happy with it. It's not what we wanted. Dad was there but he was having some health issues and he wasn't into it like he was into Cody and I being tag team champions against The Shield and him being with his boys. But I know right now Pops is grinning ear to ear and very proud of Cody and both his boys."

Rhodes just turned 50 years old and is coming off double knee surgery. He knows he doesn't have many more opportunities like this and will give it everything he's got.

"If this is one last ride for me, which it very well may be, I'm going out there with a bang. I'm gonna have the most fun I've ever had and I get to do it with my brother. At this stage and after 31 years, there's nothing more important to me. I can't do anything to top this," admitted Rhodes.

Rhodes then mentioned his WrestleMania 12 Hollywood Backlot Brawl match as the pivotal moment of his career. That moment was then replaced by teaming with Cody in WWE with their dad in their corner, and now this will be his new greatest moment.


"Now there's this. If this is the end for me, it's been a hell of a ride," said Rhodes. "I'm very proud of myself and proud of Cody. But Saturday night, I've got a little more experience and know some tricks that he doesn't. I'm gonna give it my all and he's not gonna be prepared for this new and improved Dustin."

Dustin Rhodes will battle his brother Cody Rhodes this Saturday night at AEW's Double or Nothing. It will be available to watch via PPV and B/R Live.

Dustin's full interview was included as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. The full audio can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Dustin discusses walking away from WWE, WWE talent being scared of Vince McMahon, how personal his match with Cody is, not liking the Rhodes Family vs SHIELD match, AEW's deal with TNT, the AEW team taking shape and more.

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