Enzo Amore On The ROH Invasion Situation, Psychology Being More Important Than In-Ring Work

No one would ever confuse Enzo Amore, a.k.a. nZo, with the likes of Bret Hart or Ricky Steamboat when it comes to being a technician in the ring. But Enzo still knows how to draw a reaction out of fans and he says he learned about the psychology of wrestling when he joined NXT.

Enzo talked more about ring psychology being more important than in-ring work when he joined the Keeping it 100 with Konnan podcast.

"It was a lot more of an understanding psychology by the time I got to 205 Live that being over is something I can never explain to guys. I'm sorry, I've never not been over," admitted Enzo. "If you got me in a hold we can sit there and when the people come, I will get up when they come, just trust me on that. Bring me back down if you want because they are still going to come and the only thing I have to do is tag that big mother f***er in, throw the simplest comeback on you; throw me on top of you and we can't have a bad match."

Enzo last appeared along with the former Big Cass at the G1 Supercard in early April. The two "invaded" the event by jumping the barricade and attacking several wrestlers. It was supposedly a worked shoot, but there has been no follow-up to the storyline leading many to question the purpose of it.

Enzo talked about the ROH invasion and reports that Enzo was only supposed to shove Mark Briscoe before being escorted out similarly to him being kicked out of Survivor Series.

"I read those reports and none of them were true," revealed Enzo. "I don't ever have to explain myself. I am not about to now. Trending No. 1 worldwide on Twitter; beating out the WWE Hall of Fame, March Madness, Ring of Honor and New Japan. There is a recipe to the madness. I showed up to the Survivor Series because I had a goal. I didn't show up to the Survivor Series without knowing I was going to do what I did at Madison Square Garden [for Ring of Honor].

"If you look back at my social media you would have seen me planting the seeds for this for months. I don't mean to revisit it but what happened that day it was the first show in 60 years that somebody outside a McMahon had ran Madison Square Garden. The night before WrestleMania and the realest guys in the room [in WWE's] backyard; we made history. We reunited and like I said, free agency is open for business but not for sale."

Enzo considered himself retired until that night when he heard the chants of his name in MSG. He compared their invasion to that of the nWo in WCW, but said no one else involved knew of their plans.

"That's the thing of what happened; there was not a soul in the ring that knew what the f**k what was going on. The camera guys, the commentators, the fans in the stands; and you know, if those are the smartest people in the stands in the history of the business and they sold out that arena in four minutes, one man manifested a plan at Survivor Series and it all took shape and the smartest group of fans in the world got worked. They don't know what the f**k happened," said Enzo. "You know this from when Randy Orton faced Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam and Chris Jericho coming out of the boys' locker room pissed off, flipping out at Brock because they didn't know if it was a work or a shoot, right? How do you make something real in wrestling? You make it real. So, if you are crazy enough to have a fist fight at Madison Square Garden and make it real, people have no idea what to think or how to react.

"The Briscoes, take nothing away from those tough sons of b**ches, and Uncle Bubba [Ray], I love Uncle Bubba, but that was it man. It was a real fight. If you role the footage back people are not pulling any punches and that was the craziest s**t I have ever done in my life and you walk out of Madison Square Garden with middle fingers in the air, f**k you Enzo chants, executed perfectly."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.