Enzo Amore And Big Cass Already Done With ROH?

Enzo Amore and Big Cass created headlines when they crashed the Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Supercard event earlier this month.

At the show, Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa retained the IWGP Tag Team Championship and won the ROH World Tag Team Championship against PCO & Brody King, The Briscoes, and EVIL & SANADA. Following the match, Enzo & Cass were at ringside and brawled with The Briscoes and Bully Ray. While it was a creative decision to bring them in, they have not appeared for the promotion since.

The former WWE tag team were not at any of the ROH shows this past weekend in Pittsburgh or Columbus. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, as of this moment, they are not booked for any future appearances and are not a part of any of ROH's current plans.

The appearance at the G1 Supercard did not go over well with many people backstage. According to Dave Meltzer, the original plans for their ROH debut was for Enzo to grab Mark Briscoe causing Mark to shove him and that would be it. The segment was set to end with Enzo being escorted away by security to play off of Enzo crashing the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view last year. The thought was that it would have been so quick that people would have felt like it was real. It ended up becoming a brawl that involved Bully Ray.

On an episode of our WINCLY podcast this week here at Wrestling Inc., PCO admitted that he was as confused as anyone despite being a part of the match.

"There was a lot of controversy about what happened. For me, I was just worrying about my back because I took a double powerbomb from 12-14 feet in the air straight to the concrete floor," PCO said before adding that hell broke loose when Enzo and Cass appeared. "I didn't know what was going on because nobody knew nothing about this. I just came back from TV tapings in Pittsburgh and Columbus? and I got back yesterday and there was no Enzo and no Cass at those events. I haven't heard anything from the office so I don't know what's going on with that. Are they signed? Are they not signed?

"It's all question marks for me as it is for you so I guess it's a corporate decision. I have no power over it and I can't say if I'm not in favor of it or if I am in favor of it. I don't know nothing about it and I'm gonna let the ROH executives deal with it... I know GoD weren't happy about it. It seems like they weren't pleased with the fact that somebody could jump over the fence like that and take their moment so to speak."

The G1 Supercard was the pairing's first pro wrestling appearance together since they were let go by WWE.

You can listen to PCO's full interview with Wrestling Inc in the embedded audio player below:

Ross Kelly contributed to this article.