PCO and Brody King of Villain Enterprises came up on the losing end of a four-way tag team match at the G1 Supercard. But what everyone was talking about after the match was former WWE Superstars Enzo and Cass jumping the barricade to attack many of the combatants in the match.

Many were confused at what was going on including PCO himself. He talked about the post-match chaos when he joined our WINCLY podcast.

“There was a lot of controversy about what happened. For me, I was just worrying about my back because I took a double powerbomb from 12-14 feet in the air straight to the concrete floor,” PCO said before adding that hell broke loose when Enzo and Cass showed up. He didn’t know what was going on and was wondering if he was going to have to legitimately slug some invader. “I didn’t know what was going on because nobody knew nothing about this. I just came back from TV tapings in Pittsburgh and Columbus?and I got back yesterday and there was no Enzo and no Cass at those events. I haven’t heard anything from the office so I don’t know what’s going on with that. Are they signed? Are they not signed?

“It’s all question marks for me as it is for you so I guess it’s a corporate decision. I have no power over it and I can’t say if I’m not in favor of it or if I am in favor of it. I don’t know nothing about it and I’m gonna let the ROH executives deal with it.”

PCO says Brody King and a bunch of other guys were unaware that something was going to happen after the match, and it’s possible that Enzo and Cass‘ invasion took away from the match itself.

“Maybe it took away from the history there, but there is nothing I can do about it. I don’t want to get politically involved,” stated PCO.

PCO then discussed how others in the locker room felt about the invasion including the winners of the four-way tag match, Guerrillas of Destiny.

“I know GoD weren’t happy about it. It seems like they weren’t pleased with the fact that somebody could jump over the fence like that and take their moment so to speak,” revealed PCO.

PCO then compared the situation to when in WCW Chris Benoit and Kevin Sullivan were in a feud in which Benoit was having an affair with Woman, Sullivan’s real-life wife and on-screen valet. WCW had Benoit and Woman travel together to really sell the storyline and the locker room became confused on if Benoit and Woman were really together or not.

That same kind of situation could be taking place here where ROH isn’t filling the locker room in on all of the details so the wrestlers don’t know if Enzo and Cass were part of the show or actually invaded the G1 Supercard.

“It seems like sometimes the dressing room is getting worked by the office,” PCO admitted before adding that it could be a ruse to work the press as well. “I’m in the middle of this and I’m confused. I think everything will unfold and we’ll see what’s going on in the future. Maybe it was planned. Maybe it wasn’t planned. We’ll see how everything will evolve.”

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with PCO was included in a recent edition of our WINCLY podcast. The full audio can be heard in the embedded player at the bottom of this post. In it PCO discusses how his G1 Supercard experience differed from previous MSG shows he’s done, the “line” between the ROH and NJPW locker rooms at the G1 Supercard, many of the tag team title match participants not knowing about the Enzo and Cass “invasion”, the importance of his upcoming ROH World Championship match, Marty Scurll battling for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and more.

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