Homicide has wrestled all over the world and is best known for his stints with Impact Wrestling as part of the tag team LAX. He's now transitioning to life after wrestling which includes being a coach and trainer for others.

Homicide talked about his future goals and his current role as the head trainer for GCW's Compound center when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast earlier this week.

"I'm still the head trainer but we're looking for a new place. They just moved out of their old space and we're looking to move into a city," Homicide said before mentioning his former wrestling school was in NYC so it attracted numerous people. "[GCW's] compound was in the middle of nowhere and hard for people to come in. Now we're looking for a new place and we want to bring it to a city. Everyone can learn the right way of pro wrestling and we'll see what happens after that."

Homicide makes it clear that the character you see on TV is very different from how he is in real life as a wrestling trainer.

"I'm very different than the character on TV; I'm a believer in everybody. I teach every style of wrestling – technical, hardcore, doing styles the right way. Even people who are depressed or have a weight problem. I want them to train with me and get rid of that depression or lose that weight. I want to train people to feel good about themselves and have confidence, not just for wrestling," stated Homicide.

"People see me as a party guy, but they'd be very surprised to see me as a trainer. I'm very different from the guy on TV."

Homicide has been in the business for over 25 years and he stated what goals he still has left in wrestling.

"First of all, I wanna win the [Synergy's Garden State] Tournament in Jersey. Another thing is, I wanna work for NXT as a coach and do stuff behind the scenes," revealed Homicide.

"The show for GCW is gonna be my start of my closure. …This is my last run and after that I wanna go behind the scenes and be a coach for NXT or All Elite Wrestling, any promotion that takes pro wrestling very seriously."

He then mentioned all of the top coaches around and wanting to be like Fit Finlay, Terry Taylor, D-Von Dudley and others.

"That's it. I wanna have my closure and have my last farewell like Derek Jeter and after that become a coach. I wanna make superstars like what NXT is doing right now," Homicide said before adding that he still has a little more to give the wrestling business. "Somebody called me the 'forgotten of pro wrestling.' I don't know why but I've done a lot of things in pro wrestling. I'm just been blessed and having fun. But I'm not done yet."

GCW recently had an event centered around Orange Cassidy who has a different, comedic style of wrestling that many aren't used to. Homicide was asked what he thought of Orange Cassidy's style.

"Very unique; if this was 20 years ago, I would have been like this is crappy. But now, the older and wiser I get, I do understand his style," Homicide said before adding that UK comedy wrestling is breaking out on the indies right now.

"It's not my style but if he brings a lot of people to the plate, I've gotta support him. Plus, he's a good wrestler and is underrated. Don't sleep on him, he is a great wrestler."

Homicide was then asked to reflect on his career and how he feels at reaching the last chapter of it.

"I'm very humbled and blessed," said Homicide. "I can't believe the love and respect I'm getting right now. I'm from Brooklyn; I'm from the ghetto. I used to be a gangbanger. I never had a clue or idea that I would be traveling the world and working for a national TV company. It just hit me and I'm like, 'Wow! I'm still here.' I can't believe this."

Homicide will be competing in Synergy Wrestling's 2019 Garden State Invitational. Synergy will hold a live press conference Friday, June 21st, 2019, at the Fit Body Boot Camp inside Bridgewater Commons Mall in Bridgewater Twp. NJ, at 8:30 p.m. EST. Those who cannot attend the live event are invited to view the conference streaming via Facebook Live on Synergy Pro Wrestling's official Facebook page (Facebook.com/SynergyWrestle) or streaming via Twitch on the Nerd Port Network (twitch.tv/TheNerdPort).

Wrestling Inc's full interview with Homicide was included in last Wednesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be listened to via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. During the interview Homicide discusses Synergy Wrestling's upcoming Garden State Invitational, his desire to become an NXT trainer, Orange Cassidy, being shot in a drive-by and wrestling that night, ROH's current product, which WCW cruiserweight Jonathan Gresham reminds him of, hating Ric Flair as a kid, GCW's upcoming tribute show to him and more.

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