Kane Responds To Negativity About The Goldberg Vs. Undertaker Match At WWE Super ShowDown

Glenn "Kane" Jacobs, who is now themayor of Knox Township in Tennessee, recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about the stigmas that pro wrestlers face and breaking them. Jacobs felt that the Attitude Era helped break some of the stigmas people have about pro wrestling.

"I really think it's the popularity of wrestling, especially during the Attitude Era," Jacobs said. "It got so many people involved as fans, and they are now in the decision maker role. I think that helps tremendously. You look at Ric Flair, he has made the enormous comeback in pop culture. Ric wrestled back in the 80's and 90's, these professional athletes are all doing Ric's shtick. They watched him as kids and pay homage to him"

Even though the fans becoming adults has helped, Jacobs feels that WWE has helped by becoming a global entity more than fans aging.

"I think also, wrestling has become more mainstream," Jacobs stated. "For the longest time, it was confined to national guard armories and high school gyms. Now, WWE is this global company and it is so large, have these enormous events, I think that has helped. I hope that has helped break the stigma. People are always going to say stuff, but I think people for the most people realize we are entertainers and pretty darn good ones."

Social media is key for WWE reaching a global fanbase. Jacobs acknowledges that it is key. However, he also feels the negativity is a touch unbecoming.

"I think often people are too critical and should just enjoy the moment,' Jacobs exclaimed. "That has been my thought for a long time. Unfortunately, as great as social media and our connectivity is, there is so much negativity. That really turns me off. I'm like 'Gosh guys, if I wanted to go get yelled at, 'I could go anywhere and get yelled at. Why would I want to go online and see that stuff?'

Recently fans took to social media to voice their displeasure over WWE Super Showdown. Especially the main event of two legends, Goldberg and the Undertaker facing off. Jacobs feel regardless of the circumstances, the match should be appreciated.

"Bill knocked himself out," explained Jacobs. "You could see he was struggling to finish the match. You kind of have to take that into account. They went out there and did the best they could under those circumstances. If you asked Bill and Taker if they wanted to it again, they would say yeah. Instead of being critical about it people should say I never thought I would see that match happen."

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