Kelly Kelly On WWE Dropping Randy Orton Storyline, If She Would Return To WWE

Former WWE superstar Kelly Kelly was interviewed by Chris Van Fliet about her WWE run. Kelly, whose real name is Barbara Blank, discussed her storyline with Randy Orton being cut short suddenly.

"They wanted to do this storyline, I think it had to do with Kane too," Blank said. "I don't know, it lasted for two weeks... I remember we had this script one night and he was going to say all these mean things [like] 'I used you and you were nothing to me and blah blah blah.' I think maybe they were going to debut a guy and have him come save me. I don't know but they kiboshed the whole thing."

Blank also admitted that her accompanying Edge was one of her favorite WWE moments. Blank said she wanted other performers to 'kick the living sh*t out of her' to add to the emotion.

"That along with winning the [Divas] Championship was one of my favorite matches because there's all this pressure on it," Blank said, "There was so many different things that were happening ... Before we went out – I love Layla and Michelle and I told them to kick the living sh*t out of me. When I get fired, I'm going to have to cry and I so I want to be able to hold off these feelings inside and the second she says it I want it to be like [Barbie makes a crying sound]. They gave me all they could but it was great. I wanted it that way."

In 2013, Blank finally departed from WWE. She elaborated that she felt her time in WWE was up due to her feeling overly tired from the WWE schedule.

"For me, I had never been hurt," Blank said. "I had never really been out, [I had] never taken time off. From 19 until 26 years old, for 7 years basically, I was on the road straight 300 days a year. I was tired, my body was tired. Your heart has to be in it, you have to go out there and give it your all and the fans can feel if you're not into it. It just got to a point where you're just dreading having to get on the plane. I just wanted some time off at that point. They were very supportive of it. They said to take as much time off as you need so I took a few months off. I kind of wanted to come back but I wanted to come back part-time. Where we were at back then it was like 'no, it's either all or nothing kind of thing.' They were like 'the door is always open.' We ended on good terms, there was no bad blood. It was just my time. I was just ready to be at home and put focus into my family. It wasn't anything bad that happened."

Regarding a possible return to WWE, Blank said she'd be open to doing a limited run or something on a part-time basis. It appears that a full on full-time return would be out of the question for Blank.

"I don't think I can do it full-time because it's a lot," Blank said. "You're on the road 300 days a year. It gets to be a lot. I would definitely come back for a run or two. I miss the fans, I miss performing. I love doing what I did. It's the most amazing feeling that you'll ever get, walking through the curtain and having all those people chant your name."

Kelly Kelly was last seen on WWE programming during the 20-Woman Battle Royal at WWE's first ever all-woman pay-per-view event, Evolution.