Konnan’s history with Triple A goes back nearly 30 years when he first began his pro wrestling career. He’s had several stints with the promotion and has helped lots of talent make their from the US to Triple A in Mexico.

However, one talent Konnan dissuaded from joining Triple A was Michael Elgin and Konnan explained why when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“[Elgin’s] got the look and got the wrestling pedigree. He was originally trying to get into Triple A when he was in ROH and I was explaining to him that he doesn’t want to come here now. We were having the biggest drug cartel violence that had been seen in Mexico since the Mexico Revolution at the turn of the century,” revealed Konnan.

“That was an actual war and this cartel violence had as many deaths as a civil war. That’s how bad it was.”

Konnan then mentioned that there are parts of the country WWE won’t run because they are too dangerous, and in Mexico, people had to pay the cartel to use streets.

“He ended up going to CMLL and he really did a great job there,” Konnan said of Elgin. “Lucha libre ? if you’ve never done it, it’s not easy to learn but he adapted quickly. I was very impressed and now that he’s in Impact, I’m gonna start giving him shows in Triple A.”

Triple A will be headed to New York for the first time and will have a show in MSG on September 15. Konnan talked about this momentous occasion for the promotion.

“You’ve gotta remember that it’s a Mexican Independence Day which is huge here in New York. There’s a lot of Mexicans and Hispanics in the Tri-State Area. We’re gonna have a card full of nostalgia and new talent that people are going to respond to,” stated Konnan.

ROH recently ran their first show in MSG and that was received well, but it’s hard to compare promotions and how they will be received by the fans.

“Like anything else, we’re not sure as it’s our first time here ever. There was a great precedent set with ROH, but that’s not our fanbase,” said Konnan.

Konnan can be seen every Friday night, 10 pm EST, on Impact Wrestling via Pursuit and Twitch.

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with Konnan was included in a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be listened to via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. During the interview Konnan discusses what’s next for LAX, LAX’s “beautiful” feud with the Lucha Bros, why he told Michael Elgin not to work for Triple A, Impact looking for a new TV home, The Rascalz pushing stoner humor and more.

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