It’s no secret that things haven’t gone well between Impact and Pursuit which was highlighted by the network airing a re-run of Impact instead of a new episode recently. That has sparked more conversation about Impact needing to find a new home and Konnan addressed why Pursuit isn’t the best option when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on today’s edition of our WINCLY podcast.

“First of all no one can get the channel and second of all it’s a hunting channel,” said Konnan. “It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one is watching you. And that’s a problem because we’re real good right now. ?No one can really see it unless you get it on Twitch and a lot of people don’t wanna go on Twitch.

“So, I think them looking for a better platform, which I think they will find, will help image-wise, morale-wise and people will be watching a really good product.”

Konnan was asked which specific channel would be better, but he wouldn’t say it because he doesn’t want to give it away before Impact announces it.

“Just about anything?you could be on MTV3 and that would be better than being there,” Konnan said of Pursuit. “The place they are going is substantially better.”

While Impact doesn’t appear to be a fan of Pursuit, they do seem to be fans of The Rascalz. Konnan talked about Impact embracing stoner humor with the group.

“I think wrestling, sports and politicians have been behind the curve,” Konnan stated. “Let’s get real: [marijuana] is classified as a Schedule 1 narcotic like heroin. Really? Like cocaine, really?”

Konnan then gave the history of marijuana in the United States and how it was made illegal for racial reasons, particularly to keep down Mexicans and other minorities. He then mentioned the medical uses for marijuana and brought up that many NFL players prefer cannabis over opioids.

“I’m a cannabis smoker myself. Not only that, I was a big fan of Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke and Half Baked. Those movies were great and they’re stoner-centric,” Konnan said of his love for that culture.

Konnan is 55 now and has gone through numerous health issues, but he seems to be holding up and enjoys working as much as he’s able to.

“[Working] is better than the other option: being unemployed. I just enjoy everything, especially at my age. I’m not an active wrestler but I’m still able to work in what I love to do,” said Konnan.

Konnan can be seen every Friday night, 10 pm EST, on Impact Wrestling via Pursuit and Twitch.

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with Konnan was included in today’s episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be listened to via the embedded player at the bottom of this post. During the interview Konnan discusses what’s next for LAX, LAX’s “beautiful” feud with the Lucha Bros, why he told Michael Elgin not to work for Triple A, Impact looking for a new TV home, The Rascalz pushing stoner humor and more.

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