The Pursuit Channel failed to air this week’s new episode of Impact Wrestling. They aired a re-run of last week’s episode instead.

Pursuit was 100% to blame for the error on TV, according to PWInsider.

Fans were able to catch this week’s new episode by tuning in to the Impact channel on Twitch.TV. You can read our recap from this week’s new episode at this link.

Impact has dealt with a number of issues since moving to Friday nights on Pursuit in mid-January of this year, despite Impact parent company Anthem owning a stake in the channel. Multiple sources noted that Impact officials have found that people at Pursuit are slow to respond to their questions and complaints.

One major issue came several weeks back when an Impact episode went to commercial break before the main event, and never returned. Around 35 minutes of commercials aired instead. It also took Pursuit several weeks to list Impact on its programming list and still for several cable providers, Pursuit has listed the show as a 30-minute series with three replays. This means that any viewers who DVR the series would get only the first 30 minutes of that episode, unless they realized what was happening and manually recorded the full episode. To go along with the various technical issues, there has been a feeling from early on that Pursuit does nothing to really help or promote the company.

There’s no solid word yet on a potential network change for Impact, but they have been actively working on securing a better TV deal for the show ever since settling on Pursuit when they were forced to leave Pop TV several months ago. PWInsider adds that there has been hope and excitement about a potential new TV deal within the company, but still there has been no confirmation that a deal is anywhere close to being signed, or any real word on what network they might move to.