Michael Elgin On Which Two Wrestlers He'd Like To See In Impact Wrestling, Women's Division

Michael Elgin may be new to Impact Wrestling, but he is very familiar with the product. He admitted to scouting the company to see what it had to offer before signing a contract and thinks as highly of the women's wrestlers as he does the male talent.

Elgin spoke to Wrestling Inc. on today's episode of our WINCLY podcast about the Knockouts Division and what he thinks of Jordynne Grace.

"I think Jordynne is awesome. She's doing great stuff and a lot of people wanna see her. She's a hard worker and has been great in the ring and does some amazing stuff," said Elgin. "As a whole, our women's division has been fantastic and this is the place where women are gonna want to be because we don't fear intergender either. I think that's gonna be something we're gonna have that most places won't that are on TV. I think this is gonna be a real destination for the rest of 2019 and 2020 for women."

Shortly before Elgin made his Impact debut, Johnny Impact turned heel for the first time in Impact. Elgin was asked of the recent heel turn and what he thinks of Johnny Impact.

"I think he's showing his true colors and that's fine. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room which he's not. So, I just let him say what he wants to say, think what he wants to think and act how he wants to act. I know that the only person that's gonna look out for me is me, so anything I do has nothing to do with Johnny Impact and has to do with me," stated Elgin.

Elgin has inserted himself into the World Title picture with his attack on Brian Cage, but he wouldn't rule out a run in the X-Division as well. He was asked about any interest in competing in X-Division.

"I do. I think the X-Division was such a standard bearer for the company. The first goal is world championship and whoever is gonna be X-Division champion after Slammiversay, maybe I'll go after it and be double-champion," Elgin said before adding that he has trimmed up and could see himself competing in an Ultimate X match.

Elgin has competed all over the world from Canada to Mexico to Japan and has seen many of the best each region has to offer. But he handpicked two American wrestlers when asked which talents he would like to see in Impact.

"Talent-wise, I think AR Fox and Jason Kincaid need to be a part of Impact Wrestling?I'm a huge AR Fox fan and I think [Kincaid] is special. He's so talented and one of my favorite people to wrestle?.He would be a great guy to have in the X-Division," stated Elgin.

Michael Elgin will face Brian Cage for the Impact Wrestling Championship on Sunday July 7th at Impact's Slammiversary XVII. Wrestling Inc's full interview with Elgin was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Elgin discusses his upcoming Impact World Heavyweight Championship match against Brian Cage, why he signed with Impact Wrestling, his history with Brian Cage, walking right into Impact's main event picture, Jon Moxley as NJPW's "new toy", Impact as a destination for women's wrestling and more.

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