Impact star Michael Elgin took to Twitter to explain about past accusations that have surrounded him since 2017. Elgin was accused of mishandling a sexual assault case at his personal pro wrestling promotion, though the case ended after it was thrown out in December of 2018 because of insufficient evidence.

Below is Elgin’s February tweet about how the case turned out:

Elgin took to Twitter to explain the past case because of incorrect information that has been going around. Elgin posted that the person who made the accusations was never a student at his school, she was never a wrestler looking for work, and was just a fan. She had sent him several messages about one of his now-former students with one saying, “You should train your students to be more respectful, your student is an a–hole for not leaving when I said didn’t want to get intimate.”

She also blamed him for “squashing” the story about the sexual assault even though when she told Elgin about it, he told her to go to the police several times.

Later on according to Elgin, she lied about her and Elgin ever being a relationship because of her case against this former student didn’t get any traction. She also reportedly sent him texts asking him to hang out and one saying, “Do what I say or I’ll ruin your career like I did to your student, you should see by now I know what I’m doing.”

Elgin also said that if it wasn’t for his son, he would have committed suicide because of how people turned on him. Though he did have people that wanted to defend him online, he told them no, because he was afraid they would have been attacked too.

At the end of the thread, he wrote, “Thank you and I’m forever in debt to you.”

Below is Elgin’s Twitter thread: