When those in the wrestling industry but not affiliated with All Elite Wrestling bring up AEW, they usually see their arrival as a good sign. They often talk about how competition makes everyone better and ROH TV champion Shane Taylor is also aligned with that notion.

Taylor spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast about the launch of AEW.

"Competition is everything so we are just as motivated as before, but there's just new competition on the block," stated Taylor before alluding to the core of AEW leaving ROH late last year. "Year after year we see this with ROH where we have talent that beats just about every other company in the world. Every year we reload and continue to be the best wrestling on the planet. Nothing changes on our end; the goals are the same and we keep moving forward."

Ring of Honor has a partnership with the NWA although Taylor has yet to get to experience being in a ring with NWA talent.

"I've yet to be involved in any matches involving them. For me it's cool but nobody from there wants to get in the ring with me," said Taylor. "Not the NWA Champion, not the National Champion, nobody.

"If I wasn't who I am, getting into the ring with me wouldn't be my top priority."

Now that he's got the TV Title around his waist, Taylor mentioned what else he would like to accomplish in Ring of Honor.

"My first and foremost goal is to be the most dominant ROH World TV Champion that there has ever been," said Taylor. "Immediately my first goal is to defend that championship vs. Bandido at Best in the World. Then I want, along with Matt Taven, to become a Grand Slam Champion in ROH. I want everything.

"When I am done, I want people to look upon my time in ROH and say that was Shane Taylor's era, the same way they do [Samoa] Joe and [Daniel Bryan]. I want them to be able to say that about me. Then, who knows from there? But I definitely want to carve out my legacy in ROH."

Shane Taylor is the current Ring of Honor World Television Champion. He will defend his title against Bandido on Friday June 28th as part of ROH's Best In The World PPV.