Rusev Reveals Name Of His Upcoming Comic Book With Lana

WWE superstar Rusev spoke to Bulgarian media Video DIRBG about the relationship between he and his wife, fellow WWE superstar, Lana. Rusev said the couple do all things together in WWE but do find time to separate while back home. Thanks to Wrestling Inc.'s Chris George for the transcription,

"We are twenty four hours [a day] together, we travel in the same car, we sleep in the same hotel room," Rusev explained. "When we get home on Wednesday or Thursday, I have a room with games and whatever I like. She knows I have quality time for myself and she has hers. This is how I unwind. I like being alone."

"She went home to Nashville to take care of our little 'daughter' – a dog that we have," Rusev said. "We had left her at a daycare for two weeks and [Lana] had to go take care of her. Now she's sending me photos how the puppy is swimming"

Rusev also spoke about an upcoming comic book that he and Lana have been working on together. Rusev explained that they are working with experienced contributors and artists. The couple will also be featured in the comic but in a different capacity than how viewers see them in WWE.

"Lana always had the dream to be a comic book hero," Rusev said. "We decided to collaborate with Jason Starr who has a lot of experience [with Wolverine, Punisher, Gotham]. We didn't just tell him to make a comic book, we're actually very invested in the art, in the story, in the development. We made a contest for artists that want to work on our comic book.

"We are [characters in the comic book] but it will be very different from what we are in the ring. We'll have different names as well. We chose to release it on Christmas because it is my birthday as well. The name will be Dark Country."

Rusev has not been showcased on WWE television recently. His contract is set to expire soon with no word on a resigning yet.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Video DIRBG with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.