Sean Waltman showed massive fandom of the current NXT product on his podcast X Pac 12360. Waltman specifically targets the creative ingenuity of the performers with impressive appeal.

"I go back down there to Florida next week to teach them things and I look at [NXT matches] and I am like, 'Holy f**k," Waltman exclaimed. "What am I suppose to teach them when that's the kind of sh*t they're coming up with on their own?'. I am just blown away by all of it. I consider myself one of the people in my generation, in my time that was like that. That was innovative, coming up with new ways of doing things, and new ways of going in and out of things. I look at that am I am like, 'Wow. Holy sh*t'. They take it to next level and then some."

Waltman also applauded Shayna Baszler for the confidence she shows in her character. Waltman admits to believing in the authenticity of Baszler.

"My favorite of all the women that are currently wrestling right now, period," Waltman said. "Not just WWE, NXT, but like everywhere. I am not saying she's the best technically, she's just my favorite. When she says something, I believe what she's saying because she believes it when she's saying it. She just knows her character. She knows it because it's her."

Waltman said he contacted former DX member and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels after NXT Takeover 25. Shawn Michaels, in recent years, has been involved with NXT by assisting their roster. Waltman said he could see the resemblance between Michaels's style and Takeover's feel.

"I shot Shawn a text," Waltman said. "I am like, 'That main event has you written all over it Shawn'. He's so proud. To be done in the ring and not think that you'll be able to feel that satisfaction and get your fix like we got in the ring. Shawn has told me he goes to the performance center and he's working with these guys and ladies and he gets to feel that fix again vicariously through Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and whoever else's match he had something to do with. Maybe he had something to do with the ladder match for obvious reasons. That may be the reason they put the ladder match over so much. In so many ladder matches, they just get around to the ladder when they have a spot to do. So, Shawn might have had something to do with helping out with that too."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit X Pac 12360 with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.