Shawn Spears Turns Heel At Tonight's Fyter Fest, Hits Cody Rhodes In The Head With A Chair

Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin went to a 20 minute time limit draw at tonight's AEW Fyter Fest (full results here). It was looking like some additional time would be added on until Shawn Spears showed up and cracked Cody over the head with a chair and proceeded to leave through the crowd. Rhodes bled heavily from the shot, but according to All Elite Wrestling he had no concussion and it took 12 staples to close up the wound.

While it may have seem random for Spears to do this, Wrestling Inc.'s Glenn Rubenstein pointed to the above Road to Fyter Fest video where Cody said Spears would be a good "player/coach," and a "great hand" in the ring, but not a star.

"He could potentially be a player/coach, eventually a coach," Cody said. "Great for the young guys, and he's a great hand. A utility guy, a good worker ? NOT a star."

Spears posted a portion of Cody's above comments on Twitter, so that looks to be the motivation for the attack.