Terri Runnels Felony Charges Dropped For Gun Incident

According to a TMZ report, former WWE performer Terri Runnels has been let off the hook from her concealed gun charges at an airport last month. Felony charges have been dropped thus ridding Runnels of any jail time.

Back in late May, Runnels brought a loaded gun into Tampa International Airport which was stored in her backpack. Police found eleven bullets along with Runnels's Glock handgun.

After Runnels was charged with a felony by police, she claimed she had forgotten the gun was traveling with her. In a video posted by the former wrestler, a teary eyed Runnels claimed she brought the gun to her mother's house to fend off any wildlife like armadillos and had accidentally left the gun in her bag which eventually was taken through airport security.

According to the report, Runnels could have faced up to five years in prison for the felony charge of carrying a concealed firearm. As of now, a 'letter of release' dismissal had been granted. The release does entail that charges could be picked up at a later time but seems to be extremely unlikely.

Runnels was a prominent figure in WWE's infamous Attitude Era glory days along with other 'divas' who sparked much controversial television. Runnels was released from WWE in 2004 but returned for a special RAW 25 Years anniversary episode.