After a nine-year hiatus, Cody Deaner returned to Impact Wrestling in 2018 and started teaming with Cousin Jake to form The Redneck Renegades. As their name suggests, the two are a pair of country boys who enjoy hunting and fishing.

Those hobbies happen to fit right into what Pursuit Channel is all about and the Deaners talked about why they like Pursuit during an Impact media call.

“When I saw that Impact Wrestling was going to be working for Pursuit, absolutely [I was happy] as that’s right up my alley,” Cody told Wrestling Inc’s Nick Hausman. “It’s how I grew up ? hunting and fishing. I grew up in a small, rural town, That’s the kinda stuff I like watching on TV as well. I love watching everyday folks doing everything things.

“The partnership with Pursuit has been nothing but awesome from my standpoint. What about you Jake?”

“The same. I was thinking, ‘Man, if we sent them a couple of videos of our day-to-day lives of riding four-wheelers and stuff, then we might get a little TV deal going,'” Jake replied.

The Deaners enjoy mixing it up with the best and Jake talked about what brought them to Impact Wrestling.

“What brought us here is that the roster is so stacked. You see that and the competitive people that we are, we wanted to get there and show that we can compete with the best,” stated Jake.

LAX are the current Impact tag champions but the Deaners listed numerous teams who they want to mix it up with.

“The tag division is stacked and is so exciting,” said Jake. “As soon as we came in, we started seeing all of the other teams coming in too like The North, Rascalz and Desi Hit Squad. I feel the Impact roster is the most stacked roster you can see, but the tag division is top notch. I wanna go as far as we can go and I want those tag straps.”

“There’s actual legit competition now and a lot of teams wanna get noticed. Myself and Jake are at the top of that list,” said Cody who then added that fans have been messaging and tweeting them that Impact should give them the titles, but Cody said they don’t want to be given anything and want to earn it.

Some people think that the two were just thrown together randomnly as two individuals instead of an actual team. The Deaners responded to that theory that they are “Impact-made talent.”

“I wouldn’t say that we were necessarily created for Impact Wrestling by Impact Wrestling,” said Cody. “It was Scott D’Amore who suggested that me and Jake have some matches together as a tag and it’s been over a year now. I know that the first time I stepped into the ring with Jake, wrestlers will tell you when they are in the ring with somebody, they have that instant chemistry?I felt that chemistry with being in sync.”

Jake then talked about how he’s tagged with wrestlers 20 times and never had that instant chemistry that he has with Cody. The two also share a similar upbringing which made their teaming together seamless.

The Cody Deaner you see on TV is the Cody Deaner in real life, just cranked up to 11? What you did on the weekend was party, get into trouble, you hunted and you fished,” said Cody. “That was what I grew up with and Jake, I know it was the same for you.”

“Oh yeah. I wouldn’t even necessarily say that it has stopped [laughs],” said Jake.

“That was our upbringing so it’s not hard to create characters and really a lot of it is real to life and cranked up to 11. It’s been amazing and I’m so happy with how things are going so far,” stated Cody.

As for the current Impact tag champs in LAX, the two have different perspectives on them.

“LAX is fantastic,” said Jake. “It’s really cool to see them rise and see how much they have grown. From the indies you knew who they were, but once they got to Impact and started rising through the ranks, everybody wants them and they are a hot commodity now. Obviously we wanna go against them for the titles. Even if they lose them, we still wanna be able to challenge them to challenge ourselves.”

“I agree,” replied Cody. “My perspective is the same but also a little bit different. I was in Impact 10 years ago when there was the original LAX. I know when they revamped, I was honestly a little bit skeptical because the original LAX was so successful and so good. I thought it would be impossible for them to live in that shadow, but they have proven a lot of people wrong and broken out of that shadow. They’ve created their own legacy and that is cool.

“That’s encouraging as a wrestler to know that that’s possible. To take something, run with it and turn it into something even bigger and better, that gets me pumped and I can’t wait to get in the ring with those guys.”

The Deaners can be seen every Friday night as part of Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling airs at 10 pm EST on Pursuit and Twitch.