At NXT TakeOver XXV, a new NXT Champion was crowned. Following an epic battle, Adam Cole was able to wrest away the title from defending champion Johnny Gargano. Following the event, WWE COO Triple H joined Cathy Kelly on Facebook Live to discuss the match and it's ramifications going forward.

"Crowd said it best when they said, 'fight forever,'" said Triple H. "This is one of those things you could see them do this, over, and over, and over again, and it never gets old. They have this amazing chemistry and styles make fights. Then again who does Gargano have bad chemistry with? In some ways, you can call him Johnny TakeOver, no matter what one it is you can say he had the match of the night. He walks out of here without a championship, but I do not think he lost. I do not think he lost any respect from anybody. I think he might have gained even more."

Triple H, a multiple time champion in his own right, offered a theory into what was going through Gargano's mind going into and during the match.

"Sometimes you wonder when a guy gets into a position where everything he always dreamed of is in his hands, does he lose a spark?" Asked Triple H. "When you reach the top of the mountain does he lose sight of the dream? I don't know"

In regard to the new champion Cole, Triple H validated the work and effort he has put in to get to this point and a possible answer to his previous question.

"Maybe Adam Cole is that good and is everything that he says he is, proving he doesn't need the Undisputed Era around him to win," stated Triple H. "It was an awesome moment, I'm happy for him. You can say what you want about Adam Cole, he is one of the hardest workers here, much like Gargano, much like so many people here, he puts his heart and soul into everything about this. I'm happy for him.

Regardless of the outcome, both men put on a great match. Triple H said that their Gargano was slow moving after the event and could be injured.

"One hundred percent. I think they would have been happy with either of them winning," Triple H exclaimed. "I think they will be happy if it happens again, if my math is correct they are 2-2 in falls. We will see where this goes. I saw Johnny hobbling out of here, hoping he is alright. But we will see where this goes and right now there is a new champ in town and his name is Adam Cole."

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