Tyler Breeze returned to NXT this past April after competing on the main roster for three and a half years. Breeze was immediately back in the title picture and faced NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOver XXV this past weekend. Velveteen Dream successfully retained his title, however WWE COO Triple H told Cathy Kelly on Facebook Live that both men earned each other's respect.

"I think it cemented his legacy, but I think it also earned Tyler Breeze the respect of a young man called Velveteen Dream," Triple H said. "[Velveteen Dream] looked at [Breeze] and said, 'You're not walking back in here, this is a different place now, this is my house. You are not taking my spot.' Tyler said, 'I'm coming back and going to take what I want.' In the end, they earned each other's respect."

Breeze competed in the very first Takeover. Throughout the brief feud, Velveteen Dream took shots at Breeze's maligned run on the main roster. However, Triple H was quick to point out that because NXT is a growing brand, the move to NXT for Breeze was not a demotion.

"It was a lateral move for Tyler Breeze. It wasn't calling him up or sending him down. It was him going to a place where he can do his thing as good as anyone else in the world," Triple H stated. "I think they both earned each other's respect and realized that this is the place to be.

"People have asked if this was a one-off for Tyler Breeze? It is not. I think Tyler Breeze took the first step back to being gorgeous and this was just the beginning."

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