As noted, tonight’s WWE RAW saw Brock Lesnar destroy WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins before indicating that he will cash in his Money In the Bank briefcase at Friday’s WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

WWE released a post-RAW storyline update on Rollins and noted that he was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated for apparent injuries.

Regarding Lesnar cashing in on Friday, there’s now speculation that he may cash in on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Rollins will face Baron Corbin in singles action on Friday while Kofi is set to defend against Dolph Ziggler.

On a related note, WWE once again acknowledged Rollins’ relationship with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch during a segment on this week’s RAW. Becky stood by and watched as Rollins was loaded into an ambulance backstage. She then rode to the hospital with Rollins.

Below is WWE’s post-RAW storyline update on Rollins along with the shot of Becky with him backstage:

Seth Rollins taken to local medical facility following Brock Lesnar attack

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS ? Universal Champion Seth Rollins was taken to a local medical facility for further evaluation after sustaining apparent injuries at the hands of “Mr. Money in the Bank” Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw.

After Rollins absorbed an opportunistic attack by Baron Corbin, The Architect’s challenger at WWE Super ShowDown, Lesnar entered the arena and brutalized The Beastslayer with a low blow, steel chair strikes, German Suplexes, an outside-the-ring F-5 and the Money in the Bank briefcase itself. During the assault, Lesnar claimed he would cash in his contract on Friday at WWE Super ShowDown ? not on Raw as promised.

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