RAW Women's Title Match: Lacey Evans vs. Becky Lynch

We go right to the ring and out comes RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch to a big pop. Lacey Evans is out next. Cole shows us the Spanish and German announce teams at ringside. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Fans start chanting for Becky as the bell rings. They lock up and go at it. Becky takes it to the corner and gets in Evans' face but gets slapped. They have more words as fans chant for Becky. They go at it and Becky takes Evans to the floor for a leg lock but Evans quickly gets the bottom rope. More back and forth between the two. Becky takes Lacey from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Becky with a springboard kick out of the corner. Becky ends up hitting a baseball slide kick while Evans is on the floor. They come back in and Evans finally turns it around with a shot to the ribs.

Lacey wraps Becky around the ring post and slams her into it over and over as the referee warns her. Fans boo Lacey as she drags Becky over for a 2 count. Lacey with more shots to the ribs now. Fans chant "you can't wrestle!" as Evans keeps Becky down and focuses on the ribs. Evans takes Becky to the corner and kicks away at the ribs as the referee warns her. Lacey focuses on the injured left arm and the ribs, pounding on Becky while keeping her grounded. Fans try to rally for The Man.

Evans with two pin attempts while keeping Lynch grounded with elbow strikes. Becky clutches her ribs while trying to mount offense. Evans comes right back with a tackle for a pin attempt but Becky powers up out of nowhere and rocks her for a pop. Becky springboards with another kick. Evans turns it back around in the corner and looks to go for a superplex but Becky rolls her to the mat and over, going for the Disarm-Her. Evans tangles and we get a 2 count. Becky goes back for the hold but can't get it all the way locked in as it's broken. Becky charges but Evans sends her face-first into the turnbuckle. Evans launches herself into another big ribs shot in the corner but Becky kicks out at 2.

Evans shows off and poses but the crowd boos her. Lynch takes advantage and unloads on Evans to make the comeback. Evans with a right hand to the ribs. Becky comes right back and hits a flying forearm shot. Fans cheer for Becky as she looks to mount offense again. Becky charges into the corner and stomps away as the referee warns her. Becky with the Bexploder suplex for a close 2 count. More back and forth now as Evans keeps coming. Evans finally turns it around and levels Lynch but can't get the 3 count. Evans shows frustration and argues with the referee.

Evans goes to the top but Becky cuts her off and sends her to the mat. Lynch immediately applies the Disarm-Her and Evans taps out as soon as it's locked.

Winner: Becky Lynch

This is from our live coverage of the WWE Stomping Grounds pay-per-view. To access our full Stomping Grounds coverage, click here.