Over the past few weeks, the rivalry between Zack Sabre Jr. and YOSHI-HASHI has escalated. Now, the two will up the antie. Zack is scheduled to defend his G1 Climax position against YOSHI-HASHI on the last night of the Kizuna Road tour.

New Japan Pro Wrestling announced the new stipulation to the match early this morning. Sabre Jr. will also be defending his RPW British Heavyweight Championship against YOSHI-HASHI. This stems from the latter demanding Sabre Jr. in Japanese and English to put his spot on the line. While initially declining, the current RPW Champion later accepted the challenged.

Zack Sabre Jr. is a part of the A Block for this years G1 Climax. He is set to face SANADA on 7/6 in Dallas for night one. YOSHI-HASHI appears to be on the cards Sabre Jr. is on, which can lead to interesting scenarios if either were to win their match against one another.

The last night of Kizuna Road takes place on Tuesday, June 25 inside Sendai Sunplaza Hall.