While talking to TV Guide, AEW President Tony Khan and Executive Vice Presidents Cody Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Kenny Omega revealed that Arrow star Stephen Amell is welcomed any time at AEW.

During the interview, TV Guide asked if they had any plans to bring in Stephen Amell since Arrow is on its last season. Cody Rhodes answered, “Stephen is a wrestler, so we would, I think we’d absolutely. When the time comes, if Stephen needs a home as a wrestler, ever wants to get in the ring, we’re ready for it. We got ideas in case he wants to show up. And he’s watched every second of what we’ve done and commented on it so far. So I just wait for the day.”

At the end of the interview, TV Guide said that they are talking to Amell soon and if AEW wanted to tell him anything. Rhodes ended the interview, “Just tell him that, he’ll always have a home with AEW,” with everyone agreeing.

It was reported earlier that the AEW TV show will air on Wednesday nights, starting on Oct. 2. The first show will be at the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC.

Below is the video:

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