Ashley Massaro Was Scheduled To Appear In Suicide Prevention Music Video Prior To Passing

According to a story by the New York Post, former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro was scheduled to be a part of an awareness music video with a suicide prevention message prior to her passing in May. The music video was accompanied with a song created by a co-worker at a Long Island radio station 94.3 The Shark.

Brian Orlando, composer of the song 'Choose Song' and former colleague of Massaro, said Massaro was a fan of his song. Orlando also mentioned Massaro wanted to be involved with the video.

"Ashley was very enthusiastic about the song," Orlando said. "She heard it after it was recorded and loved it. She even agreed to be in the video? It's a mellow anything. It's encouraging. The idea of the song is that with music, you are never alone."

After the song was recorded by a team of musicians, the plan was to release it. The release of the song was halted after Massaro had taken her life this past May.

"Obviously, when she passed away, I felt personally like my world crashed and wasn't sure I wanted to hear the song again," Orlando said. "We decided to scrap the entire idea. I didn't feel comfortable releasing the song. We're all slowly realizing it's needed more now than ever."

Massaro performed in WWE from 2005 through 2008. Massaro is survived by her daughter, Alexa.