Becky Lynch Talks Being Close To Being Fired In NXT, Dusty Rhodes' Last Words To Her

WWE RAW Woman's Champion, Becky Lynch, spoke with Fair Game about her decorated career in professional wrestling. During the conversation, Lynch was asked about her time working with Dusty Rhodes in NXT. Lynch said that she would simply thank Rhodes for his support and advocacy of Lynch.

"I'd probably just cry and say, 'Thank you Dusty', cause I don't know if I'd still have a job if it wasn't for Dusty," Lynch admitted. "I know there were many times where I was on the brink of being fired and Dusty always went to bat for me. I think Cody put it that 'Dusty likes his broken toys'. If someone came in and were the finished product and polished, Dusty didn't have any work to do. But if someone comes in a little disheveled like I was and a little bit of an outcast and a misfit, he just had time for them and wanted to see them grow. I came in a shell of who I am now. He was just so supportive.

"His last words to me, I was probably driving him mad by talking his ear off, and he goes, 'Shut up Becky'," Lynch recalled. "I was like, 'That's the perfect last words'. There's no better last words that I'd like to have from Dusty Rhodes."

Speaking more specifically during her time in NXT, Lynch said her job was not always guaranteed. In fact, Lynch confessed there were multiple times during her run in NXT where she was close to being fired. However, Lynch used those close moments as fuel to work harder at becoming a more sound superstar.

"When I was in NXT, I was on the chopping block while I was there," Lynch said. "It didn't bother me because I didn't get fired. At the time, that was the most terrifying feeling. But I don't think that's a bad thing. I almost think that's a good thing. It's that fear of losing something and knowing how much it means to you. Knowing that there is that potential but you will do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn't happen"

Becky Lynch is scheduled to compete with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules this Sunday against Baron Corbin and Lacy Evans in a mixed tag-team match where both the RAW Woman's Championship and Universal Championship will be on the line.

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