A Twitter war erupted last week between WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. Before the feud was settled earlier this week, WWE two-time Hall of Famer Booker T discussed it on his Hall of Fame podcast.

"Maybe it's a good thing," Booker mused. "It's showing these guys maybe don't really like each other, maybe there is some real heat there. (When they say) check your bank account, those are fighting words. One time this brother came and told me 'You just mad I'm making all this money.' Oh, he is ready for an ass whooping, it was on from that point."

Locker room rivalries are nothing new in pro wrestling. Booker recalled his locker room rivals during his WCW run.

"Chris Jericho, back in the day was not one of my favorite people," Booker stated. "He wasn't high on my list, we were not breaking bread together, we were about to fight. William Regal is another one, every time I saw William Regal, I just wanted to hit him in the mouth, he wanted to hit me in the mouth and we really didn't know why."

For Booker, the rivalries were a proving ground for him and a way to be dominant in the eyes of the locker room. He recalled a time he and Regal almost came to blows.

"We were at Sting's Main Event gym (in Atlanta), Sid, my brother and I were walking in and William Regal was walking out and I look at him like I just wanted a piece of him, just wanted to do something to him," Booker recalled. "I don't know maybe it was the way I saw him work on television, seemed superior. I always wanted to test myself, immediately let me check the toughest dog in the room."

Regardless of the situation, Booker feels this can only help the business and the fans watching. Booker noted that the rivalries force talent to "step their games up."

"Seeing these guys call each other out, I like it," exclaimed Booker. "Because it makes everyone step their games up. These guys perform at a really high level, they want to prove they are better than the guy standing across from them. They want to say they are the best in the world. That title, to these guys right now is serious. When they see Shane McMahon running around saying he is best in the world they are about to lose their minds."

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