Booker T Says Eric Bischoff Is "Never Going To Get Another Chance Like This Ever In A Lifetime"

With AEW having finished their second event and WWE hiring legendary wrestling minds Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, a new pro wrestling war is on the horizon. WWE two-time Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about this on his Hall of Fame podcast.


"AEW is on the rise, WWE is making changes," Booker said. "With Paul Heyman placed in charge of Monday Night Raw and Bischoff has been placed in charge of Tuesday night SmackDown, which we will be changing to Friday Night SmackDown on Fox. This is just going to the blueprint of what wrestling was, and that's giving the fans some great wrestling."

Booker knows what it takes to be a complete performer. While he was great at entertaining the fans, when it came time to perform in the ring, he knew he had to do deliver there as well.

"When I was King Booker, I went out and tried to entertain very well," Booker recalled. "When I got into the ring with guys like Bobby Lashley, John Cena, I tried to make sure my performance was at another level and give you guys what you came to see, which is what is on the marquee, professional wrestling."


Booker has had the chance to work with both Heyman and Bischoff and knows what they bring to the table. He also wants them to understand what they need to do. He concluded with a prophetic thought on the seemingly impending pro wrestling war.

"Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, they both have an agenda now," Booker stated. "That agenda is to do well. I was reading today that Eric Bischoff is moving his family to Connecticut. To do that is a huge commitment. That means I want to get close to my work and I really want to throw myself into it."

"One thing Eric Bischoff knows is, time is running out," Booker exclaimed. "He is never going to get another chance like this ever in a lifetime. I mean he slipped on a banana peel to become President of WCW, then to get this dropped in his hand? Paul Heyman made ECW a legitimate company by doing the right things and taking them in the right directions, they gave the fans what they wanted to see, they had it all. The war could be over before it even starts."

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