Bray Wyatt Apologizes To Fandango, Lacey Evans On WWE Main Roster Call Up, The Hurricane - R-Truth

- Above, Cathy Kelley talked to The Hurricane at this year's San Diego Comic Con. As noted, The Hurricane attempted to take away R-Truth's WWE 24/7 Championship yesterday at the event after seeing an opportunity to bring the title home. The Hurricane has been announced for Monday's RAW Reunion.


- Lacey Evans spoke briefly with the Orlando Sentinel and commented about when she found out about getting called to the main roster after running a tryout camp at the WWE Performance Center.

"I was at the Performance Center helping to run an NXT tryout camp for three days," Evans said. "When I'm doing that, I'm very forceful. My job is to make sure you give everything you have. By the end of this tryout, I had people puking, so when the coaches [Sara Amato and Matt Bloom] called me into their office, I thought I must have done something wrong. I worked them too hard, I couldn't do tryouts anymore, something like that. Then they told me I was going to the main roster. And I just laughed at them. It was so surreal. There were lots of tears ... for probably two days. Then it occurred to me that that just happened and I'd better be ready."


- Bray Wyatt continued the apologies on Twitter last night, sending one to Fandango about the time he made Fandango go up against Braun Strowman. In Strowman's singles debut, he defeated Fandango on an episode of SmackDown in November of 2015, which you can see below.

"I want to formally apologize to Fandango for making him fight Braun Strowman that one time," Wyatt wrote. "I think you're an amazing dancer man. And the bestest friend a fella could have."