Chavo Guerrero has many things going on these days as he’s both a wrestler and an actor and fight coordinator for the Netflix series GLOW. But Guerrero has even more projects on the horizon and already launched including a new promotion with Alberto Del Rio.

Guerrero talked more about his new Lucha Libre promotion when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“Keep an eye out on Nacion Lucha Libre, our new Lucha Libre company that Alberto Del Rio and I started,” Guerrero said before adding that the resurgence in pro wrestling with promotions like AEW and ROH really got he and Del Rio thinking. “We wanna compete a little bit, not in their sense, but in Mexico we can compete with Triple A and CMLL. I watch their shows and their wrestlers are amazing, but their production and storylines are lacking. So, I think we can compete with them right off the bat.”

Guerrero says they already landed a highly desirable television network in Mexico and just aired their first show a few weeks ago. He thinks the first episode was good but he’s OCD and wants everything to be perfect.

“Coming from GLOW, Lucha Underground and WWE, I know how it should be done but I wanna do better than that,” stated Guerrero. “I want fans watching the show to go, ‘Wow!'”

He then put over several of the talents in the promotion including Bandido, MVP, Carlito, LA Parka’s kids and Dr. Wagner’s kids.

If wrestling, GLOW and his own promotion wasn’t enough, Guerrero is also involved in the beer business with Los Guerreros Mexican Lager. Guerrero talked about how this came about.

“I’m a beer guy, a beer connoisseur. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like. But I teamed up with a brewing company in California for last Cinco de Mayo and they asked me if I ever thought about releasing my own beer. We talked back-and-forth and it was a year-long process to get a Mexican Lager,” Guerrero said before adding that the first batch is totally sold out and the next batch will be fermented a few weeks longer to give it a more robust flavor.

“In August there’s a beer festival in Denver that has a bunch of different beers competing against each other. They are taking it there to compete against the other beers. As far as a Mexican Lager goes, I would put it up against any other Mexican Lager out there.”

With his work on GLOW, Guerrero is a member of SAG and he discussed if he thinks there is about to be a change regarding benefits in wrestling.

“[WWE is] such a big company now that it’s very hard for me to see that it’s not gonna change,” revealed Guerrero. “They just need somebody to make a change. It’s gonna cost WWE some money? but I think it’s time for wrestling to move into a new millennium where they aren’t independent contractors anymore.

“The wrestlers need to be taken care of more. It will be better for the wrestlers, the fans and everybody all around. It’s never a bad thing to take care of your employees or people who work for you. It never is.”

With three seasons of filming GLOW under the belts of the cast, Guerrero was asked if he thought any indie promoters have tried to book the actresses for their promotions.

“I’m sure indie promoters have definitely tried it [laughs], but the thing is with these girls is that they understand they are actresses. I remember one time there was some girls from WWE and they were like [to the GLOW cast], ‘Oh you think you’re wrestlers? I’ll show you real wrestling.’ The [GLOW cast] was like, ‘Why are they like that?’ And I told them they were just trying to get a rub from you. You guys are a hot thing right now and they are trying to get a rub from you,” stated Guerrero.

He added that the GLOW cast knows who they are and have a lot of respect for pro wrestling. They would never think they could just walk into a promotion and go toe-to-toe with actual female wrestlers with years of experience.

“Not one of them thinks that they are a true, professional wrestler, although they are very good at what they do. But I don’t think [actual wrestling] is something they are looking to get into. They’d much rather act in a scene [than wrestle],” said Guerrero.

When talking about the differences between wrestling and filming a wrestling scene, Guerrero said that a one-minute scene on camera can take up to eight-hours to film and can be more brutal than an actual match.

“That scene may be two bumps but I did that scene 20 times. So all of a sudden that bump has turned into 40 real fast,” said Guerrero before adding that he wanted to impress the producers so he offered to do a flip in a match last season and he wound up having to do it about 20-25 times and it wore him out.

“Carlito got slammed by [GLOW character] Machu Picchu 20 times. She’s picking up a grown 250-pound man and slamming him over and over again. So, kudos to her.”

Chavo Guerrero returns as the fight co-ordinator for GLOW season three which will be released August 9th on Netflix. You can follow Chavo on Twitter @MexWarrior.

Chavo’s full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Chavo discusses what to expect from GLOW season three on Netflix, working with Geena Davis, SAG vs pro wrestler benefits, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio comparing Andrade to Eddie Guerrero, getting into the beer brewing game, his new Nacion Lucha Libre promotion with Alberto Del Rio and more.

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