Last night’s AEW Fight for the Fallen (full results here) and The Buy In ran for a total of about four hours and twenty minutes. At the post-event media scrum, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Cody Rhodes if AEW’s bigger events will typically run over four hours.

“The show on TNT will be two hours,” Rhodes said. “So, we’re a little bit backwards, as far as we want to give these mega events before we get to the weekly show. Which will also be treated as a mega event, but the times are different. I guess the way to look at it is we have all these guys and girls that we signed and we don’t want to do four minute matches. I don’t believe in them. I want guys to go out there, play their ‘music,’ that’s why we hired you. We’re not here to teach you how to do it, maybe guide you?that’s Dean Malenko’s job, that’s Jerry Lynn’s job. I want you for what we got you for.”

Rhodes admitted last night’s event went a bit long, but ultimately the fans in attendance didn’t leave, and how AEW ends their events is a way to really show their appreciation and connect with the people who showed up.

“So, [it was] a little lengthy this evening, but here’s my takeaway from it all,” Rhodes began. “At the end of the night, nobody left. And I’ll tell you the truth, if anybody went to the Ring of Honor shows with the Bullet Club and The Elite was on at the end of the night. That’s what started all of this, us in there, like, ‘What do we do?’ How do we send them home happy? Marty sings, we came up with a thousand things, but that genuine feeling is a real connection to the people?it’s not even a marketing tactic?AEW is everybody who was in the arena tonight.”

You can listen to Cody Rhodes’ full comments above.

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