Colby Corino On His Desire To Wrestle For WWE, Advice From His Father Steve Corino

Colby Corino is the latest second-generation wrestler searching for his big breakthrough as he is the son of former ECW World Champion Steve Corino.

Colby has competed in ROH and Impact Wrestling but his ultimate goal is WWE. He talked more about that and if Jon Moxley's revealing interview dissuaded him any when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I'm really interested in a run in WWE. We can listen to the Moxley interview or watch the Jon Stewart piece, but it would really mean a lot to me to go there. It's something I grew up watching and to be a part of the product would mean so much for me," said Corino.

Corino was born during ECW's rise in the mid-90s and remembers many of his dad's matches. He talked about his earliest memories in pro wrestling.

"I remember watching my dad bleed everywhere and then he'd come to the back and I'd be ready with paper towels and band-aids to wipe him off," recalled Corino. "I think most kids would be scared to see their parents bleeding, but it was just another day for me.

"It was pretty normal for me. If I was that upset about it, I'd be upset a lot."

Since he essentially grew up in the business, you would think that Corino was pushed towards wrestling by his dad. But Colby says Steve didn't have as hands-on an approach as many would think.

"He never pushed me into it. He always wanted to leave it up to me as to what I wanted to do and he supported me throughout whatever I wanted to do. It just so happens that it always was wrestling," stated Corino before adding that it was actually an ECW staff member that showed him the ropes.

"[My dad] didn't really have that much hands-on with my training. He handed me off to Mike Keener, an old ECW referee, who trains a lot of guys in Philadelphia. He kept a watchful eye as Mike trained me but most of what I learned came from Mike."

In addition to his work for ECW, Steve also wrestled for ROH, on the indie circuit and is currently a WWE producer. Thus, he has lots to draw from when giving advice and Colby reveals what advice really stuck with him.

"There's so many. He always would say it's not all about the wrestling in the ring, it's about creating moments for fans," said Corino. "If you have a really good match, then people will remember for a little while until the next good match comes up. But if you can create a moment that people are gonna remember forever, that's what is gonna live on."

Steve won the ECW World Championship from Jerry Lynn at 2000's November to Remember, but Colby says it's other moments from his dad's career that are his favorites.

"I loved going to Japan with him and watching him wrestle Japanese legends like Masato Tanaka, [Shinjiro] Otani and Shinya Hashimoto. That was so cool to me," said Corino who was then asked if he bragged about his trips while in school.

"I was real shy in school and didn't have many friends to tell. So, it wasn't really something I walked around the halls saying, 'My dad's a pro wrestler and I just got back from Japan!'

"I felt like the Peter Parker of my school and on weekends I could turn into Spiderman."

Colby Corino can be found on Twitter @ColbyCorino. Corino's full interview with Wrestling Inc was included as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Corino discusses overcoming his demons thanks to having a child, his desire to wrestle for WWE, advice his father Steve Corino is giving him, GCW being a "New Age ECW", his ROH run, the surprising name who agented his recent 205 Live match and more.

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