Dolph Ziggler Responds To Kevin Owens' List Of Superstars Not At Extreme Rules With His Own List

As it was reported earlier, Kevin Owens made a list of current and past WWE Superstars who aren't going to be in tomorrow's PPV, Extreme Rules because of Shane McMahon, according to him. Last Tuesday on SmackDown Live, Kevin Owens went on a rant about Shane McMahon hogging all the TV time from others in the roster.


His once opponent for Extreme Rules, Dolph Ziggler, responded to his list. Ziggler's list though didn't look at those who aren't in the PPV, but people that aren't as good as him. His list includes Kevin Owens, Earth, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, and Dan Gable.

Owens did respond to him, "Dude, you can't even do Twitter properly. For maximum effect, it should have been the guy I don't recognize first, then me, then Shawn and finally, Planet Earth. Build up to calling yourself better than everyone in the world, don't start off with it. It's simple storytelling."

Below are Ziggler's post and Owens' response: