As previously reported, indie wrestling promotion WrestleCircus in Austin, TX has closed down just days before an event that included several AEW and Impact Wrestling stars.

The owner, Al Lenhart, took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to break the news on a public scale. Before that, however, he sent out an email to the talent and staff of the company informing them of his decision to close the doors for good.

The full email sent out by WrestleCircus' owner, Al Lenhart, is featured below:

"With deepest apologies to every single one of you, I regrettably have to inform you that our upcoming show on July 28th is cancelled and that I will be closing the doors on WrestleCircus for good.

Please don't blame either Keith or Jordan for this as they both attempted to keep things running in my absence, however, my own personal issues and things I have going on in my private life became the center of what has once again caused WrestleCircus to close.

It is clear that I am not fit to run a wrestling company and so rather than postponing or trying to come back from this setback again in the future, I will be announcing that WrestleCircus is permanently closed.

I have enjoyed working with each of you and please know that it tears me up to do this to all of you. I should have listen to both Jordan, Kevin and Lexi when they told me that the timing to bring WrestleCircus back was not good and that I should have left it closed in the first place. Unfortunately my own ego got in the way of listening to their better judgement.

I truly am sorry to be doing this and if this puts you in a situation where you need help with travel arrangements to get home, please reply to this email letting me know what needs to be done to get you home and I will do everything I can to make sure you aren't stranded or paying out of pocket to get home.

I will be informing and refunding all ticket holders today as well.

It was a good ride while it lasted and I'm sorry it had to end this way.

Al Lenhart (Owner)"

The card for this weekend's show, The Scorpio Sky Summer Circus Show, included a main event of SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, & Scorpio Sky) vs. Rascalz, a Lady of the Ring Championship match with Tessa Blanchard vs. Jessicka Havok, and a mixed tag match with Darby Allin & Pricilla Kelly vs. Will Allday & Alex Gracia vs. Andrew Everett & Rosemary. It was also planned that Brian Pillman Jr. would have his debut match against JT Dunn.

Although WrestleCircus is finished, a nearby, local wrestling promotion called Anarchy Wrestling has been reaching out to both the fans and talent that were planning to be a part of WrestleCircus' event this weekend. Anarchy has promised grant free admission to any person that brings in their boarding pass from the cancelled show at WrestleCircus. The tweet where they announced this can be seen below: