As noted, former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore and AEW star Joey Janela took to Twitter late Tuesday night and tweeted about a fight they had during the Lil' Wayne and Blink-182 concert in Holmdel, NJ at the PNC Bank Arts Center. The incident came after a Twitter beef back in April, which saw Janela tell Enzo that he was making a "joke out of the wrestling business."

Regarding the fight at the concert, Enzo tweeted that Janela introduced himself, then wrote that Janela was a "straight p---y." Enzo claimed he thought Janela was a fan, and then slapped him once he realized who it was. Janela called it the "s--ttiest fist fight of the year" and said they had fun. The exchange continued with Janela apparently offering to meet up to finish the fight, and with Enzo taking a shot at CM Punk when responding to a fan.

Enzo and Janela both noted that Enzo had a friend filming the incident, and now he has released the footage. Unfortunately the video doesn't show much of a fight at all, and doesn't prove any of their claims.

"Not a safe environment for a fight, needless to say, I didn't start the fight & I was smart enough not to have one with a drunk'n fool/vagina (s/o Angela my homegirl, screaming like a voice of reason to a very reasonable man.) @JANELABABY dick riding aint a form of transportation," Enzo wrote with the video.

Janela replied to the video being posted, "He didn't even post the whole video Lmfaooooo"

You can see the video below:

For those who missed it last night, below is their full Twitter exchange: