Eric Bischoff Not Involved With The WWE SmackDown Creative Process?, More On His New WWE Role

New WWE SmackDown Executive Director Eric Bischoff is not expected to be involved with the blue brand creative process, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It was noted in the latest issue that right now, those in WWE creative were told that Bischoff will most likely not be involved with the creative process.

With that said, it looks like Bischoff's job will be to interface with the various departments in the company, and Fox. Bischoff is still to be the leader of the SmackDown side of things. The Observer noted that the brand currently has no leadership and runs off Ryan Ward and other writers pitching ideas off Vince McMahon.

As noted, Bischoff had no influence on this week's SmackDown episode.

Bischoff appeared on the latest edition of the "After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson" podcast, recorded on Tuesday night, and said he had arrived in Stamford, and was watching the show that he will be taking over.

"I'm actually watching SmackDown as we speak, I'm boning up, I'm doing my research and getting familiar," he said.

Bischoff visited WWE HQ on Wednesday, but said he will really get started next Monday and Tuesday.

"I'm kinda getting oriented [on Wednesday] and starting the process and getting familiar. I'm kicking it off on Monday and Tuesday next week," he added.

Bischoff also admitted, during another recent "After 83 Weeks" podcast, that he has a lot to learn.

"The honest answer is, I've got a lot to learn between now and the time I actually am fully integrated into the process, because the audience has changed. Television has changed. So much has changed over the last five or seven years that I've got some catching up to do. I'm not going to sugarcoat it," he said when discussing what's different about producing wrestling for TV these days.

Bischoff is scheduled to appear on TV for the RAW Reunion special from Tampa on Monday.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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