Ring of Honor has undergone many changes recently ranging from much of the Bullet Club heading to AEW and the promotion ending its partnership with NWA. Flip Gordon has been there throughout all of it and he talked about Guerrillas of Destiny being a part of ROH when Gordon spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“I can tell you one thing ? they do have one of the best entrance songs I’ve heard in a long time,” Gordon said of GoD. “Every time I hear it, I get hyped. I haven’t had a chance to get in the ring with them, but maybe we’ll do something with them and Villain Enterprises.

“But it’s an exciting time because it’s another tag team that can come in and help us. You want fresh matchups. You don’t wanna see the same people wrestling each other month after month after month.”

Gordon then talked about how the ROH locker room has changed without The ELITE.

“It’s changed a lot but not in a bad way. Everybody’s motivated and excited because a bunch of top spots just opened up and are for grabs. Everybody is competing for them. It’s friendly competition but everybody wants that top spot, me included. So it’s a really good atmosphere because everybody’s busting their ass right now,” said Gordon.

He then weighed in on the Bully Ray fan incident when Ray confronted a fan backstage for being disrespectful to some of the female talent.

“There are two sides to every story. I don’t know all the details so I don’t wanna comment. But he’s a bad guy; he’s a heel,” Gordon said of Bully Ray. “I don’t know if he was playing a character but I think the whole thing got blown out of proportion. I hope everything got resolved and in the future this won’t happen again.”

Gordon said he’s never had a similar situation to that because he has thick skin and hasn’t been in that position before.

Ring of Honor and NWA recently severed their partnership albeit on amicable terms. Gordon was asked if he was surprised that the two parted ways.

“I was a bit surprised but with wrestling being so popular now, I’m not surprised. Business is thriving right now so if the NWA wants to go out on their own, I wish them the best of luck…” said Gordon.

“Sometimes you gotta go out on your own and I think ROH wants to do their own thing anyway so I’m excited.”

Gordon then talked about working with NWA owner Billy Corgan.

“It was awesome. He was always super-humble and super-nice and interacting with the boys. He was not hard to work with at all,” revealed Gordon.

Gordon’s Villain Enterprises stablemate Brody King recently took part in a four-corners survival match in which Shane Taylor won the ROH TV Title. Gordon talked about Taylor taking the belt from Jeff Cobb in the match.

“It’s a huge opportunity for Shane Taylor and it’s a big spotlight for him. It’s well-deserved as he’s been in ROH for quite some time. I think by beating Cobb, that give him a big push as Cobb’s a phenomenal athlete,” said Gordon.

[Taylor’s] tearing it up right now in the G1 and I’m super happy for him. Hopefully when he comes back, we can work because he’s a guy on my bucket list that I haven’t had the chance to get in the ring with yet… We tagged once but we were on the same team. We’ve never even locked up.”

Gordon is currently on the shelf with an elbow injury, but he talked about what he wants to accomplish after he’s cleared to return.

“When I return to action, I’m going to put on the best matches that I can because I missed a lot of time,” said Gordon. “I’m not gonna come chasing anything because I know Marty’s got a lot of things he wants to do. So, we’ve got to talk as a team and all get on the same page and that’s first and foremost.”

Flip Gordon will be returning to action from injury very soon for Ring of Honor. ROH will present it’s Summer Supercard on Friday August 9th from Toronto. It will be available to stream on-line via HonorClub and FITE. Tickets can be purchased here: https://bit.ly/2MpF84Y. His full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today’s episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Gordon discusses his recent injury and recovery, joining Villain Enterprises, a possible Bullet Club vs Villain Enterprises feud, ROH being in a “re-building” phase, Alex Shelley’s ROH return, Marty Scurll not winning the ROH World Title, NWA and ROH parting ways and more.

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