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Last Sunday, wrestling fans around the world witnessed one of the most intense, yet exhilarating pay-per-views that Impact Wrestling does ever summer, Slammiversary XVII. If you haven't seen Slammiversary you can go here to see the full results. With the aftermath of Slammiversary, a new set of questions arise. Will some of these feuds be officially over? Could we see new contenders for title opportunities for the Impact World Championship all the way to the Knockouts Championship? Tonight, fans will get to witness what exactly is next for the stars and Knockouts of Impact.

Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcomes fans to tonight's episode. This episode of Impact Wrestling will recap everything that happened at Slammiversary XVII, as well as interviews with several wrestling authority figures about these events. Tonight's main event will be a tripe threat Knockouts match with Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne.

The first match that is discussed is Moose vs. Rob Van Dam. Moose won the match via pinfall. Van Dam put up a good fight, but Moose used ever attack he has ever known to counter attack anything that Van Dam threw at him. Callis and Mathews also mention that Moose could possibly be in the Impact World Championship picture because of how successful he's been since signing with the company.

Next on the discussion board is the first blood match between Eddie Edwards and Killer Kross. For about a month or so, Kross taunted Edwards, especially after breaking Edwards companion, a kendo stick named Kenny. Edwards went on the attack and asked to be forgiven for that. Kross didn't want Edwards to ask for forgiveness, instead he wanted Edwards to bring that darkness with him in their match at Slammiversary. Kross' attire at the pay-per-view event unveiled just how demonic Kross could become. Some say his face paint reminded them of wrestling legend Vampiro from back in the day, especially with the cross that was right in the center of his forehead. The match brought a lot of emotion, but Edwards succeeded and made Kross bleed.

Back from the break, Callis and Mathews introduce another wrestling figure to talk about his thoughts about the fatal four-way Monster's Ball for the Impact Knockouts Championship, the "Zombie Princess," Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs' stated that he thought the match was out of this world, but thought that the best one that shined was the current Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie. He beliefs that those who might not look like they can get in touch with their dark side are always the ones that surprise you, and that is what Valkyrie did to retain her title. Callis forwarded that thought and agreed that Valkyrie is a great champion and that her name should headline more often because of how powerful she can be in the ring.

Coming back from the break, the Impact Tag Teams Championships match is discussed. The Friday leading up to Slammiversary, The North shocked the Impact fans when they beat LAX at Bash at the Brewery and became the new champions. Because of that, the match became a triple threat as The North defended their titles against the Rascalz and LAX. So many flips and tricks were displayed in the match, but The North retained their titles.

Along with the recap footage that was shown, Impact officials also released a clip of what happened after the tag team championship match and the aggressive message that Konnan had for The North.

After the commercial break, the tag team match with Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Great Muta from A Night You Can't Mist, courtesy of IMPACT Plus, is shown.

Back from The Moment of the Week clip, Callis and Mathews welcome Dreamer and talk about his experience teaming with Muta. They then proceed to talk about the main event match of Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard in an intergender match. This event brought many firsts, the first time that a female competitor was in the main event match of a Impact pay-per-view, as well as the first time they had an equal rights match up. This match set the bar high as to what's to come down the road in this feud and other feuds between male and female wrestlers in Impact.

After the break, Petey Williams came in to the Impact War Room to talk about the X-Division match between Rich Swann and Johnny Impact. Williams thought that Impact hit everything and pulled out all the stops, but thought that Swann just was many steps ahead, which helped him win and retain the title.

The final match that the Impact team talks about is Brian Cage vs. Elgin for the Impact World Championship and all the chaos that fueled this big slobber knocker. Elgin tried to put some severe damage on Cage, trying to make him not show up to defend his title. Elgin's plan backfired, when Cage came in and dominated the match, which helped him win and retain the title. This was also the match where former Impact wrestler Rhyno made his comeback. Scott D'Amore chimes in on his thoughts about the match.

The featured main event is underway!

Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

The bell rings and Hogan starts to get in Grace's face. Rayne's takes advantage of Grace being distracted to go for a pin, Grace kicks out at 1. Rayne goes for a cradle to pin Hogan, and Hogan kicks out at 1. Grace then goes for a pin on Rayne and another kick out at 1. Grace stomps Hogan right in the back. Grace grabs Hogan by the hair and attempts to lift her up, but Hogan fights with several chest hits. Grace pushes Hogan into the corner and goes for a few tackles. Back and forth punches are exchanged between Grace and Hogan. Rayne was outside of the ring for some time and makes it back into the ring. Grace lifts both Hogan and Rayne with double suplexes. A commercial break proceeds.

Back from break, Rayne goes for a crossbody to Grace and it lands. Rayne goes for a pin and Grace kicks out at 2. Hogan then goes after Rayne and starts talking down to her. Rayne fires back with a few hits. Rayne pushes Hogan up onto the ropes and throws a few more hits. Hogan reverses and takes Rayne down on the mat. Grace tries to climb back into the ring and Hogan throws a hit, Grace falls back outside of the ring again. Hogan is now all alone in the ring after stomping Rayne's kneecap. Hogan goes for two dives, one to Rayne, which is successful, and the other to Grace, who picks her up midway and throws her down.

All three women are now in the ring. Rayne is now throwing sidearm hits to both Hogan and Grace. Hogan again goes for Grace while she is down. Grace gets up and picks up Hogan to put her down on the mat. Rayne drags Grace and goes for a double stomp. Rayne is on her feet and Hogan sneaks up from behind. Rayne gets thrown out of the ring. Hogan and Grace are now the two women in the ring. Grace grabs the boot of Hogan's as she attempts to try and kick her. Grace goes for the Grace Driver on Hogan and she goes for the pin, 1-2-3 and Grace picks up the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Post Match: Rayne is not happy with the loss and goes to attack Grace. Hogan decides to help and teams up with Rayne to take out Grace.

This concludes this week's Impact Wrestling episode!