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Last week, it was all about archenemies learning how to get along, as randomly selected tag team groups competed in the Mash-Up Tournament. The winners of the tournament will get a one-on-one match at Unbreakable, which is available to watch live on Impact Plus next Friday, August 2. Whoever wins the match will get a shot at the Impact World Championship against Brian Cage in the near future. To view the overall tournament and the winners from last week’s recap, click here.

Tonight, every Superstar on Impact will be fighting for himself or herself. Rich Swann will be defending his X-Division Championship against Jake Crist. Brian Cage and Michael Elgin will duke it out in a vicious street fight match. Moose will be in action. Lastly, the new and improved Kiera Hogan will take on Jordynne Grace.

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to Impact Wrestling. The first match of the night is announced.

Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan

Before their match begins, Madison Rayne comes out to join Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. The bell rings and Graces lifts up Hogan and slams her to the opposite corner of the ring. Hogan now on the apron, Grace tries to go for a powerslam but Hogan counters it. Hogan goes back into the ring and goes for a suicide dive. Both women are down and the referee begins the count. Both women return back into the ring. Hogan goes for a pin and Grace kicks out at 2. Hogan pins Grace in the corner. Grace goes for a strong forearm on Hogan. Hogan counters back with two forearm hits. Grace lifts up Hogan as she tries to go to the second rope, and slams her to the mat. Hogan goes for a few chest chops. Grace comes back with a power lift. Grace goes for a running attack, and Hogan counters it with an elbow to the face. Hogan is now on the apron again and hits Grace. She goes back into the ring for three running dives on Grace. Hogan goes for the cover and Grace kicks out at 2.

Grace on the top rope slams belly down on Grace. Grace goes for the pin and Hogan kicks out at 2. Hogan superkicks Grace, and she rolls out of the ring. Hogan goes after her outside of the ring, and Grace lifts her again and slams her down. The referee begins the kick. Rayne throws Hogan back into the ring. Grace gets Hogan in a waist lock, then lands a suplex, and Hogan goes to the ropes to break it. Grace bounced her off of the ropes and into a small package for the pin, which turned into a bridging small package for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Backstage: Brian Cage cuts a promo on Michael Elgin and reminds him that he has already beaten him once, and will do that again tonight, but this time break him in their main event street fight match.

Coming back from the break: Taya Valkyrie is talking nice to Rosemary, saying that she needs backup because Havok is still after her. Rosemary informs her that their contract is up and that she doesn’t need to help her out anymore.

Next, Sami Callihan makes his way to the ring and takes a microphone and asks for Tessa Blanchard to come out to the ring.

Callihan says that he thought at first his match with Blanchard at Slammiversary was going to be a “cakewalk.” He then goes on to say that she brought her A-game during that match and when they won last week during the Mash-Up Tournament. Callihan says he should be looked at as a hero, because he gave her an equality match. Callihan then tells Blanchard that he respects her. He puts his hand out for her to shake. They shake hands and then he smacks her on the bottom with his microphone. She reacts by giving him a magnum.

Backstage: oVe are all yelling at each other in the back. Callihan comes back there and asks why his brothers weren’t there when he got a magnum from Blanchard. They told him that they were told not to go out there. Callihan said he is furious that she would attack him, so he is sending Madman Fulton in to go up against her next week.

The second match of the night is announced.

Moose vs. Ray Steele

Moose goes in for a few attacks at first. Then lifts up Steele and throws him on to the ropes and then spears him. He goes for the pin and wins.

Winner: Moose

Post Match: Moose takes a microphone and speaks to the fans and Impact Management about not understanding why he hasn’t been given a title opportunity yet. He says that he has put the company on his back and that he isn’t like the former Impact World Champions who just leave the company after their big title reign. After he says that, he attacks Steele once again.

Backstage: John E. Bravo goes looking for Havok. He says there is no way that she will ever get to Valkyrie. He tries to seduce her and she just picks him up and throws him.

After the break, a promo video is shown of The North and their incredible match they had at Slammiversary against Dezmond Xavier & Wentz and LAX. This is setting up for their match against the Rascalz for the Impact World Tag Team Titles next week.

At the Treehouse, the Rascalz are trying to decide who exactly will represent their team. They each are trying to outdo each other. Gail Kim joins them and Wentz walks out with her.

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is James Storm vs. Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory October 14, 20012.

Back from the Moment of the Week: Chaos unfolds, as Melissa Santos is trying to do her job interviewing Hogan and Rayne comes back to the interviewing area. Hogan is quite mad about what Rayne did earlier in the night during her match with Grace.

Back from the break, Ace Austin catches Alisha Edwards and asks her if she likes magic. He shows her a trick. He tries to flirt with her, but she isn’t buying it.

Next is a singles match.

Willie Mack vs. Rob Van Dam

The bell rings and both men are standing in opposite corners. Van Dam is doing some leg stretches. Both men lock up. Van Dam has Mack in a side headlock. Mack pushes Van Dam into the ropes, which breaks the hold. Van Dam goes for a take down. Van Dam with a side headlock again. Mack pushes him into the ropes again, and Mack goes for a dropkick on Van Dam and succeeds. Both men go back to their opposite corners. Mack now has Van Dam in a side headlock. Van Dam tries lifting up Mack to break the hold, but wasn’t able to. Several sweeping legs came from both men. Mack tries to go for the pin and Van Dam kicks out at 1.

Outside of the ring, Van Dam sends Mack into the steel post. Van Dam goes back on to the apron and flips off of it landing on Mack. Van Dam and Mack are both on their feet and Van Dam lands a few forearms on Mack. Mack reverses it. Mack rolls Van Dam back into the ring. Mack goes for the running kick. Mack then goes for the bang-bang, then the standing moonsault. Mack goes for the cover and Van Dam kicks out at 1. Van Dam goes for the splitting leg moonsault, and Mack counters it. Mack runs over to Van Dam’s corner to attack, and Van Dam counters it with an elbow hit. Van Dam floors Mack with a superkick. Van Dam goes for the Rolling Thunder, Mack is able to roll him up and goes for the pin. Van Dam kicks out at 2. Mack now on the top rope about to attempt a splash, Van Dam rolls out of the way. Van Dam goes on top and lands a Five Star Frog Splash. He goes for the cover and 1-2-3, he takes the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Backstage: Austin goes to talk to Alisha again and Stone Rockwell interferes in their conversation. Next, Ortiz of LAX and Konnan are speaking about who is going to replace Santana while he is out on injury. But he isn’t having much luck.

Next, Rich Swann will be defending his X-Division Title against Jake Crist.

After the break, Santos is interviewing Elgin backstage about his match tonight against Cage. He tells Cage to focus on the task at hand and that “The Machine” keeps breaking down, because of him.

Rich Swann vs. Jake Crist for the X-Division Championship

The match begins with fans doing a call and response with “oVe,” which follows up with “sucks.” Crist has Swann in a lockup. Crist pushes Swann down on the mat and has him in a take down. Both men are now on their feet. Crist continues the headlock. Swann pushes to the rope to try and break the hold. Swann now has Crist in an arm lock. Another side headlock from Crist. Both men get up and look at each. Crist moves in on Swann and he pushes him out of the ring and goes for a flip outside of the ring. Dave Crist comes in to interfere in the match. Jake is able to come back and take down Swann before the commercial break begins.

Coming back from the commercial break, Crist throws a few elbow shots on Swann. Crist puts Swann into a submission. Swann is not giving up the fight. Swann tries to go for a pin, and Crist kicks out at 1. Crist puts him into another submission. Swann is now down in the corner. Crist goes for an attack, and Swann gets up to land a kick on Crist. Swann then goes for a clothesline and then five big shots. Swann goes for a cover and Crist kicks out at 2. Crist lands a death valley driver. Crist then lifts Swann up and throws him into the turnbuckles. Both men are slowing rising to their feet. Dave Crist is barking orders to Jake. Back and forth hits from both men are exchanged next. Swann goes to the top rope and connects his elbow to Crist. He goes for the pin and Crist kicks out at 2. Swann now sitting on the top rope, Crist climbs up the ropes for the superplex. Crist goes for the pin, and Swann kicks out at 2. Crist lands a back kick to Swann, and Swann repeats it back to him. Swann goes for the Phoenix Splash. A double cutter comes next from Swann after Dave put Jake’s foot on the rope to keep him alive in the match. Madman Fulton comes out next to attack Swann. Crist goes for the pin and after a 1-2-3 count, Jake Crist becomes the new X-Division Champion.

Winner and new X-Division Champion: Jake Crist

Up next is the main event match of the night!

Backstage: Jake goes up to Callihan and says that he became the new X-Division Champion. Callihan tells him that he did not become champion, oVe became champions. Jake wants to be called “The Golden Draw.” Callihan tells him he’s stupid and the title is silver.

Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin in a street fight match

Cage’s music hits and he comes out crawling. Elgin is behind him with a steel chair. Elgin goes for a hit to the back of Cage with the chair. Elgin continues the attack all the way down the ramp. He rolls Cage into the ring and gets in. Elgin takes the chair once more and holds it up onto Cage’s neck. Elgin grabs the microphone and says “non title, non title.” Since the match isn’t for the title, he has no other reason to be out there accept to attack Cage until he can’t compete no more. Security comes out to end the match, and Elgin attacks them all. Cage at this point is completely knocked out. Cage’s wife, Santos, comes out and begs Elgin to not hurt him anymore. A masked person comes into the ring to attack Elgin right before he hits Santos. Another masked man comes in and it’s Rhino! He attacks Elgin and runs out into the crowd to unveil that he is now a part of the Impact roaster by showing off an Impact t-shirt he is wearing underneath his black hoodie.